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Microsoft Supply Chain Platform: Create a Reliable Supply Chain and Meet Your Commitments

Streamline your Supply Chain Operations with Enterprise-Grade Microsoft Supply Chain Platform

Organizations often face supply chain paltform bottlenecks due to increasing complexity. Many of the solutions available today focus on supply chain management and execution, but are not ready to address the new supply chain disruptions.

Today’s enterprises have to deal with large volumes of data spread across ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, custom systems and other legacy systems. Supply chain reliability mainly lies on how well the solution can connect their supply chain data to quickly respond to changing market conditions.

An advanced supply chain platform is what you need to address supply chain issues at a global scale.

Microsoft Supply Chain Platform can provide visibility into your supply chain data, predict and mitigate supply chain disruptions, simplify collaboration, and meet customer and business orders reliably.

What is Microsoft Supply Chain Platform?

Supply Chain Software from Microsoft helps organizations to have a competitive advantage. Microsoft Supply Chain Platform is a consistent, extensible and adaptive platform that helps you perform supply chain activities, from planning to execution and managing disconnected data. The platform is embedded with Microsoft AI and collaboration, low code and security applications.

Microsoft Supply Chain Center which is the at the heart of the platform helps users to manage disconnected supply chain data, helping to forecast and alleviate risks, provides visibility into data and optimize the value of data, and reduce supply and demand disparity.

Organizations using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management can automatically gain access to the Supply Chain Center as part of the current license agreement. To know more about this, you can get expert consultation from the leading Microsoft Gold partners.


  • The platform connects your entire supply chain and provides complete visibility
  • Forecast supply chain disparities before they happen and address risks
  • Quickly adapt to the changing market and meet growing customer demands
  • Improve your brand image, meet your business goals and reduce the carbon impact

What are the modules in the platform that help organizations to address supply chain disruptions?

The Supply Chain Center has pre-built modules that addresses disruptions across supply and order execution.

Supply and demand insights module

This module uses supply intelligence to predict supply constraints and shortages. Supply intelligence is powered by advanced Azure AI (artificial intelligence). Using AI models, you can carry out simulation using supply chain data to forecast being out of stock, shipment delays and avoid overstocking.

Smart news insights provide news alerts on external events which helps your supply chain people to make smarter decisions and plan with real information for product demands.

Order management module:

Supply chain platform uses AI, machine learning and real-time omnichannel inventory data for automatic order fulfillment. You can quickly meet future orders and complexities by extending capabilities using pre-built connectors.

Teams integration:

Reduce supply chain constraints with efficient collaboration. You can improve collaboration with external vendors or suppliers with Microsoft Teams integration. The collaboration can help get new supply sources, analyze and solve transportation issues, and communicate supply chain impacts based on changes.

Microsoft Supply Chain Platform: Capabilities

Create a connected supply chain:

The intelligent supply chain platform meets your growing needs by reducing the complexity and connecting data across existing systems (ERP and other customized systems)

Open and adaptive platform:

With state-of-the-art features, the platform helps to maximize return of investment by allowing you to grow as your needs change.

Unified platform:

It ensures a seamless supply chain process from planning to designing to delivery with a unified platform that connects all data from various sources

Low-code development:

You can create custom business apps and processes for your organization using low-code development platform (Microsoft Power Apps) and drive supply chain innovation

Provides better visibility:

The platform offers complete visibility into your entire supply chain processes which enables you to predict and alleviate supply chain disparities.

Demand management:

The platform comes with machine learning capability that allows your operations (supply chain) teams to improve forecast accuracy based on previous data across various sales channels. 

Supply chain intelligence:

Forecast early supply limitations and shortages with visibility into your vendor’s supply chain.

Supplier management:

You can seamlessly manage supplier onboarding process and provide suppliers with a portal which they can use to respond to bids and order changes


Easily collaborate with your suppliers and others in real-time using Microsoft Teams and get rid of supply chain issues.

Meet market demands:

This adaptable supply chain platform quickly adapts to the growing market conditions and meet your goals, thus improving customer satisfaction


Ensure timely delivery of goods by optimizing fulfillment routes.

Warehouse management:

Streamline your warehouse activities using a mobile warehouse app and meet your changing market demands

Inventory utilization:

Properly manage your inventory levels to avoid stock-outs and overstock scenarios and reduce operational costs

Enhance efficiency and productivity:

Utilize intelligent automation capability to reduce costs, improve employee productivity and maximize operation profits

Manufacturing operations:

Simplify your manufacturing operations with an easy to use interface and organize data sources from other sources


With AI-driven production scheduling, optimize the use of resources and equipment.

Asset management:

Improve the overall effectiveness of equipment, increase throughput and ensure production quality by managing asset health


Get rid of costly equipment downtimes by forecasting when maintenance is needed.

Comprehensive security:

Achieve a secured supply chain with higher level of security, endpoint security and continuous updates and patches.

When you plan to improve your supply chain with the powerful supply chain software, get the help from reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners.

If you have business across Middle East, Asian or African Countries, ensure you partner with the experienced and reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kenya, Germany, Canada, Pakistan, and India to get the solution deployed.

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