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Michel Rolland Wine – Clos DeLos Siete

If you’re looking for a new wine to try, Michel Rolland has got you
covered. His wines are among the best in the business. Whether
you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive drink or something that’s a
bit more extravagant, you can find a selection of great wines at
prices you can afford. From his ‘Le Pigeonnier White Vision’ to his
‘Clos de los Siete’, you’ll be sure to find a wine that’s right for you.

Clos de los Siete 2011

Clos de los Siete is a popular red wine from Argentina. It is
produced by the renowned French winemaker Michel Rolland.
Located in Mendoza, it is one of the largest vineyards in the
country. The grapes used for the Clos de los Siete are Malbec and
Cabernet Sauvignon. These two varieties are essential in making
Bordeaux style wines.
First tasted Argentine wines in 1988. He was intrigued by
the unique characteristics of the land. His goal was to create
European-style wines from Argentina.
He later started consulting for several wineries in Argentina. In
2003, he was able to make his own personal project. This resulted
in the creation of Clos de los Siete.
Michel Rolland has been working in the Argentine wine industry for
over a decade. He is the world’s most well-known wine consultant.
When he found a plot of land in Mendoza, he teamed up with
oenologist Jean-Michel Arcaute.
They created the seven wineries that contribute to the production
of Clos de los Siete. Each winery has its own brand, and each family
has its own area to grow grapes. Together, they produce
approximately 1 million bottles of Clos de los Siete each year.
Close de los Sietes are sold in over 70 countries around the world.
A bottle costs anywhere from $17 to $19.

Le Pigeonnier White Vision

Rolland is a Bordeaux winemaker who was born into a wine
making family. He is the heir apparent to his father Jacques
Rolland and has several wine estates in Bordeaux. In addition to his
own wines, he works as a wine consultant for hundreds of wineries
worldwide, most of them in France. His wife is Dany Rolland, and
he has a daughter, Sthepanie.
During his tenure at Lagrezette, Rolland created a specialist cellar
for the winery. Today, the cellar houses 7 reds, a rose, and a pair
of whites. The whites include the best of the lot, the gastronomic Le
As for the other half of the equation, the Le Pigeonnier White
Vision is a well balanced Viognier. It matches perfectly with caviar
cream on a scallop carpaccio.
Rolland cites the Le Pigeonnier as his most significant contribution
to the industry. Throughout the 30 years of their collaboration, he
has lent his expertise to the project, and the result is an awardwinning bottle of champagne.
Although Rolland isn’t in the business as much as he once was, he
isn’t averse to a bit of ol’ fashion networking. Recently, he was in
London to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his partnership with
Alain Dominique Perrin, the owner of the esteemed Chateau
Legrezette in Cahors.

Clos de los Siete 2013

Michel Rolland is one of the most famous and respected consultants
in the wine industry. He has worked at 150 wineries in thirteen
countries. Currently, he is in Argentina for the first time in over a
year. Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits is his exclusive US sales agent
for his Clos de los Siete.
The vineyards are situated in the Andes Mountains, near Mendoza.
There are four bodegas involved in producing the Clos de los Siete
brand. Each is owned by a member of the original founders of the
Each bodeg has a 2.5- to 7.5-acre plot of vines that are handharvested, green-harvested, and leaf-harvested. Grapes are
transported in wooden trays to temperature-controlled stainless
steel tanks. In addition, the grapes are screened on a sorting table.
The vineyards are carefully managed, using a double Guyot pruning
system for optimum canopy development. The wine is then aged in
French oak barrels for at least six years before release.
The 2014 Clos de Los Siete is made from a blend of Malbec,
Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah. It has a fresh, earthy aroma. On
the palate, the blend offers bright acidity, jammy elements, and
fresh raspberry and blueberry notes. A touch of velvet tannins adds
elegant structure to the wine.

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