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Men’s Winter Look For Wedding Season

“Wedding bells are ringing, the celebration’s waiting, new beginnings are coming your way, dress up in your best and slay…slay all the way!”

It’s the wedding season and you might have already received tons of invitations to your friends’ and relatives wedding parties. The very first question that pops into our minds upon seeing a wedding invitation is: What to wear to a Pakistani wedding as a guest? Luckily, both men and women have a variety of options in ready-to-wear winter dresses to choose from. Today we’ll let you know these various options that men can opt for as a guest at a Pakistani wedding.

Nowadays, men karandi dresses have a ton of options to choose from, to show off their sartorial style at a Pakistani wedding. If you are confused as to what to wear to a Pakistani wedding as a male guest, you can always pick an outfit depending on what role you’re bound to play at the wedding. Some popular choices include a royal sherwani, a smart tuxedo or a designer Pakistani suit in winter dresses for men. But it’s best to stick to truly traditional clothes when attending a Pakistani wedding.

Even if your wedding invitation holds a few dress codes, it’s best to stick to traditional clothing when it comes to guest attire at Pakistani weddings. You can go for ethnic wear on the traditional Baraat days and wear Indo-western or, simply Western wear for receptions. Gone are days when cotton dresses for men would make an appearance in the plain kurta -pyjama or a sherwani. Modern men like to experiment with different styles and colours to put together a great outfit that will help them stand out in any crowd.

If you think that only women have a variety of different styles to flaunt at Pakistani weddings, you might have to think again. Men might’ve had limited choices in the past, but over the last decade or so, Pakistani designers have created many unique outfit choices for online men dresses as well. Pakistan’s outfit collection for men has expanded, thanks to the influence of Lollywood cinema and exceptional Pakistani fashion designers, showcasing amazing designs every year for men on the runway. 

Going ahead with the best wedding outfits for men waist coat in Pakistan, let us look at an option which has recently become quite popular among Pakistani grooms. They are Indo-western outfits. They combine the traditional Pakistani look with the modern western style. These types of dresses for men are good for Engagement or Reception ceremonies but you can also use them for your wedding.

Classic White

Nobody can deny the royal appeal of Desi outfits in men dresses. Their versatility makes them perfect to be worn either as casual wedding outfits for men during minor functions or even as show-stopping pieces for the main event.

If you want to bring the west and east together then this dress is your best bet. This waist coat for men is a great option if you’re looking to achieve an extra dose of finesse.

Elevate your look with this brown check tropical waistcoat featuring a banded neckline. These men winter shalwar kameez are available in many different colours, ranging from the traditional gold printed to the modern sharp, grey cut suits with modern prints and patterns.

There are many different ways you can style this suit from men winter dresses, the jacket style being the most popular. 

men dresses

Check Style

Elevate your look with this grey-blue check tropical waistcoat featuring a banded neckline.

A lot similar to the design above, this one is also a royal variety of Pakistani wear. Another fine example of richness, class and sophistication, this prince coat for men is a favourite with royals and nobles. These are great to be worn for a high-class, expensive wedding.

Two popular styles of this dress for me are the kurta with churidar for the ultimate Pakistani look, or the sleek pants with a kurta for a contemporary look in men clothing online.

Both of these men formal shalwar kameez designs are not only classy but also make great wedding outfits for men in winter.

prince coat for men


The most common type of Sherwani is known as the ‘Achkan’ sherwani and is worn along with a Churidar at the bottom of the outfit available at dolmen mall.

These days sherwani come in all shapes and sizes and are made from basic cotton material to authentic gold embroidery and even studded with diamonds. If you are looking for the perfect wedding pakistani men dresses in Pakistan, then look no further than the Sherwani.

Adorn grace in this charcoal-hued Jacquard kurta featuring embroidery on the front panel. You can accessorise the sherwani with a stole or a shawl depending on the time of your wedding or the weather. To complete the look, pair this karandi suit for men with some royal jewellery like necklaces, a brooch and pin, and an amazing pagadi.

pakistani men dresses


If you are someone who likes to keep things simple, just go with the classic Kurta pyjama. Don’t listen to those who will say that it is ‘too simple for a wedding. There are thousands of designs available in Men’s kurtas that you can wear at a wedding. Don’t compromise on the fabric and material though. A premium silk kurta from men dresses online in a colour that suits you will look great on you and you can pair it with a complimentary pair of pyjamas.

And when nothing else seems to be right, just go back to being simple. Well, what we mean is that the basic kurta shalwar for men teamed up with a waistcoat with jutties is a classic wedding day look. If you are attending a close friend or relative’s wedding, you can go with this simple yet classic look. You can experiment with colours and fabric too to look a little different.

Turn heads in this Schiffli embroidered kurta for men in a navy-hued two-piece ensemble featuring trousers. You can also use a stole or a scarf along with the kurta. Or you can wear a jacket to complete the look. And of course don’t forget to wear a matching pair of men’s sandals.

men dresses online

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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