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Men’s Blazer Styles A Guide To Buying And Wearing Blazers For Men


What Is A Blazer?

There is a few disagreement about whilst the Blazer become born. Some agree with they were first worn by rowers in Cambridge, who used the jackets as glorified athletic windbreakers. They have been very shiny red in coloration and it’s miles said that the word ‘blazer’ comes from their hearth colour.

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However, a few would argue that this style of jacket originated in 1837 when a Royal Navy ship, the HMS Blazer, become awaiting a royal go to from Queen Victoria. The captain requested a new uniform for his group, and blue double-breasted jackets have been designed for them. Regardless, the fashion quickly caught on, and men outdoor the Navy and rowing golf equipment were wearing this fashion of jacket ever due to the fact. They are actually considered suitable for weddings, paintings and smart-informal events.

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Men’s Blazer Styles

You’ll find two major blazer patterns while purchasing: unmarried- and double-breasted.

Single-breasted blazers and healthy jackets have one, , or three buttons, but you can discover one with four or 5 buttons. They paintings for many activities, from date nights to formal activities like weddings, and they’re at ease to put on. So, it’s far pertinent to have a small selection of unmarried-breasted blazers to your cloth wardrobe.

Styles Of Blazer Clothes

When you store for a blazer, you’ll find that there are lots of cloth alternatives to choose from, a number of which paintings better for others on positive activities.


Thanks to the fact that they will do a brilliant process of preserving you heat, fleece blazers are ideal for the fall and winter months. They appearance pretty formal, which means they’re now not fine for informal events. However, they are able to paintings sincerely properly whilst you want to look positioned-collectively – at paintings or a clever-casual occasion, as an instance.

Wool blazers are available in a huge range of colours: You can cross for a impartial tone like a light grey or choose something exceptional, like burgundy. And, you could pair your look with a ramification of trouser options, from a few dark jeans to a couple of clever trousers or chinos.


Tweed blazers are very much like wool blazers in that they’re on the greater formal side and could do a exceptional process of retaining you heat. There are many extraordinary types of tweed you may encounter whilst shopping, which include twill, overcheck, striped, checkered, and herringbone tweed. You can read more about those in our manual to tweed.

Again, tweed blazers can look great with a nicely-equipped pair of jeans, or a few clever trousers or chinos in a impartial coloration. If you feel courageous, you could also choose trousers in a nice coloration of inexperienced, blue, or burgundy.


Linen blazers are lightweight and ethereal, which makes them ideal for the warmer months. They are a famous preference at summer time weddings, and are available in a extensive variety of colours, this means that you need to always be capable of find one to suit your style and event. Linen blazers come in traditional colours, such as military and beige, which means that they are timeless and make for a first-rate cloth wardrobe staple.

Cotton Twill

Cotton twill is similar to linen because it’s breathable, because of this that blazers crafted from this material paintings in particular nicely for the summer season months. However, it is considered more formal, that’s why it’s miles frequently used to make workwear.


A velvet blazer is usually going to look formal, as the attire are quite high priced. This manner they work nice for events which can be on the fancier facet. A velvet jacket would paintings very well with a pair of black or brown slim-reduce trousers. A easy formal shirt will look smart if you need a specially positioned-collectively appearance, but you may additionally get dressed up your look with a simple t-shirt in gray or white. A pair of Chelsea boots or some brogues may even help entire the complete look. You might be able to find those patterns in our range of men’s footwear and boots.

A Way To Wear A Blazer

Blazers are particularly versatile and can be worn up or down, but that means it is no longer always clean to training session how they ought to be styled. Here, we are going to interrupt it down, so you recognize a way to put on a blazer, no matter what coloration it’s far.

What To Wear With A Gray Blazer

Gray blazers are arguably the most versatile, because of this there are so many approaches to put on it. For example, for work, you can pair yours with a pair of narrow-healthy trousers in black, brown or army. And, they can be layered over a formal or casual blouse, a jumper, or a T-blouse.

These days, in case you’re going to a fairly casual occasion, you can break out with throwing on a pair of stylish trainers. But, otherwise, a pair of Chelsea boots or brogues in brown or black will supplement your outfit flawlessly.

What To Put On With Navy Blazer?

Navy blazers appearance quite polished and are nearly as flexible as their gray opposite numbers. Once more, to pull them together a Or greater casual activities. Pair a military blazer with a pair of jeans in a medium or grey wash, unless you are going for a smart look—if so, a slender-becoming pair of grey or tan trousers will upload for your jacket. Could complement it perfectly.

What To Wear With A Tweed Blazer?

A tweed blazer will constantly be quite formal, which means that they appearance quality layered over a proper shirt or smart jumper. You can supply a extra casual twist on your look via pairing your tweed blazer with some darkish wash denims or tan chinos.

A Way To Wear A Blazer With Denims

When you pick a blazer that you can wear with denims, it’s miles very vital which you pick out the proper shade. Navy is usually a no-fail option, as the colour is especially versatile and could complement more than a few denim shades. Gray is also a high-quality option, way to the truth that there are so many distinct colors to select from. If you want to move for a extra traditional look, tweed also can look notable with denim.

How To Measure For A Blazer

Any blazer jacket you purchase need to match snugly. You can keep away from carrying loose-fitting T-shirts and knitwear, but tailor-made pieces have to exactly fit your frame measurements. If they do not, then more frequently than now not, they turn out to be searching sloppy. Therefore, it is important which you realize exactly what length blazer you need. To determine this out, you’ll want a tape degree and someone who will let you measure.

How Long Must A Blazer Be?

When you are status, the lowest of your jacket ought to drop 1-2 inches above the pinnacle of your thighs. A tailor will commonly be capable of shorten a blazer by an inch with out throwing off the balance of the piece, but it can still be tough to get this right. So, you normally need your jacket to be the proper period whilst you buy it.

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