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There is an overview of the best 50 management research articles that have been identified in the most trusted journals for business: Journal of Management, Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal and Academy of Management Review as as many others. Vote for your top choices.

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to conduct research on knowledge management and organizational learning and specifically to determine whether learning in organizations has been conceptually taken into account in knowledge management. Design methodology is based on 16185 articles from the Scopus as well as the ISI web of Science database and the vantage point 10.0 software.

Human Resource Management Systems to discover the Structure’s Hidden Potential

Abstract: While Human resource (HR) system have attracted significant research attention however, our understanding of the ways they function, when and how these systems impact results for both the organization and employee is unfinished. In this article we argue that examining HR systems in fresh inventive ways has great potential to advance the field of strategies for human resource management (SHRM) theoretics. We show that analyzing new research questions about the structure (i.e. the kinds of practices that are included within an HR program) and intensities (i.e. the quantity of practices that are included in the HR system and the frequency with which they are utilized) and changes (i.e. the changes to the procedures that are part of the HR system and their application) and the variance (i.e. the differences in the usage of HR systems’ practices between employees or groups) and HR software could give new insights into the workings that HR systems perform. We will discuss the methods, theories, and application implications of the research.

Open innovation and co-creation Co-creation and open innovation: System literature review.

Abstract The concept of open science as a public good, offers opportunities for the growth of nations through collaborative and innovative constructions that help to increase the accessibility of knowledge. Innovations in this area are in the process of being developed and open science, the co-creation of knowledge and the open innovation triangle is described as a possibility to make new contributions from research in open educational theory and methods.

The Morning Attachment of Work to the Workplace and Engagement during the Day: A Study of Day-level Mediators

Abstract Attachment to the workplace (i.e. building an emotional relationship to the work) prior to actually beginning work is crucial for engagement throughout the working day. Based on the theory of motivated action This study examines anticipatory tasks positive affect, work resources (job management and support from social) as mediators to translate reattachment during the morning into work-related engagement throughout the course of the day. We collected daily survey data from 150 participants (a number of 620 total days) and then analyzed the results using a multilevel pathway model. We discovered that day-level attachment for work during the early morning was predictive of expected focus on tasks and positive affect as well as social support, as well as job control via goal activation . In addition, we found that anticipating task focus positive affect, task focus, Social support and job-control was a predictor of engagement during the daytime. This study underscores the significance of reattachment and work in the workplace and in employee behavior throughout the day and points out the advantages of this initial boundary crossings between mental different life areas for engagement at work.

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The Introduction of Topic Forum: Special Topic Forum: The Changing nature of work relationships

Abstract: Relations are crucial to the functioning of organizations and are essential for organizing. This Special Topic Forum on the Changing Nature of Work Relationships we discuss significant changes in context that could affect work relationships that are how they form and evolve as well as how they are perceived and the effects they could have. Throughout the articles, the authors take an expansive look at work relationships–considering the many types at multiple levels–and examine how they impact individuals and organizations. In this article, we will look at the most important findings provided by the authors in their study of the centrality of workplace relationships as well as their dynamic nature, the inherent reciprocity to them, and the ways in which work interactions are formed by the context in which they are placed which includes technology as well as the organizational structure and process.

Friends Without Benefits: Understanding the dark Sides of Friendship at Work

Abstract: While many researchers and practitioners believe that workplace relationships can lead to positive organizational outcomes however, an increasing body of research suggests the importance of challenges and negatives that come with their use. This suggests a need to know how and when workplace friendships could result in negative outcomes particularly in light of technological and organizational changes which are altering the ways employees interact. By drawing on the theory of close relations, social exchange and the management of boundaries, we offer the theoretical framework for understanding the ways in which four of the key features of friendship (informality and sociability, voluntary norms, and goals for socioemotional) are in conflict with the four essential aspects of the organizational world (formal role, non-voluntary limitations exchange norms, formal roles, and objectives of the instrumental). We also explore how disclosure and perceived similarities can build and deepen friendships . However, they can could also have negative consequences for groups, individuals as well as organizations. We outline the distinct characteristics of a focal clique

Be Mindful of Your Language Impacts of Language Ostracism on Interpersonal Work Conduct

Abstract: Demographic and business trends are bringing the issue of language up to speed. While language is a natural ability to create bonds between people but it also serves as a tool to exclude. The concept of linguistic ostracism captures this issue. Based on the theory of ethnolinguistic identity We study the ways in which the linguistic stigmatization of people affects two behavior patterns such as interpersonal citizenship and deviation. We carry out a series of studies using data from multiple sources, data across time and data from three different countries. Our findings show that linguistic ostracism is related to low interpersonal citizenship behaviors as well as more deviant behavior in the social sphere. We conclude that disidentification served as a way to explain why linguistic ostracism triggered social citizenship behavior and deviation behaviors. Additionally, employees who are ostracized linguistically who have poor (vs. the high) social self-efficacy are more likely to engage.

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