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How To Make Wedding Cake Boxes At Home (Easy Steps)

Cakes are considered the symbol of happiness. They are the core of all celebrations and joyful events. They add sweetness to the occasion. The joy is incomplete without cakes, whether the event is a birthday party, bridal shower, Christmas, etc. Nowadays, cakes are also extensively used in wedding ceremonies to symbolize good luck to the new couple. Due to their delicacy and exquisite appearance, they are packed in attractive boxes. 

These wedding cake boxes are decorated with various ornaments to give a more appealing look. You can purchase them online or from some store, or even the best option is to make them at home. It just requires a little creativity with all the stuff available to you. Below are some easy steps to make a wedding cake box at home.

Supplies Needed For Cake Boxes:

  • Poster boards 
  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sharp knife
  • Ruler
  • Cardboard
  • Cake board
  • Decorative ornaments

Step 1: Preparing the poster board

For making cake boxes, your first step is to place a poster board on the table and put the round-shaped cake board on it. Measures around it in a way that enough space is there for the wedding cake you want to put in. Then score the poster board by making lines that can undergo a clean fold afterward. Repeat this step with all the sides.  

Step 2: Making flaps

Start folding the sides one by one. You may cut off the excess part with a sharp knife. Now cut a slit on each corner of the folding to make a flap. In this way, four flaps are obtained.

Step 3: Applying adhesive to flaps

Use a hot glue gun in between the flap of the poster board and hold them so they may stick adequately. Repeat this step for all sides.

Step 4: Creating the Top Of Cake Boxes

Now take another poster board and repeat the above three steps. The only difference you need to make is to keep the sides a quarter-inch shorter. This will keep the top close more smoothly if you wish to make a window pane cut a square in the middle. Fix a transparent paper with the glue and allow it to dry. Put the top on the bottom of the box to give it a complete look. 

Step 5: Decorating the wedding cake box

Once your box is ready, it is time to decorate it according to the wedding theme. You can cover the top portion, which is on the side of the transparent window, with some enticing colors. Use flowers, beads, ribbons, or other decorative tapes to give it a more appealing look. 

In addition to designing your wedding cake box, another option is to purchase it from an online vendor. Different wholesale manufacturers are available in the market that provides the facility of customized cake boxes. They ensure the safety of the contents inside and magnify its grace. A well-designed cake box can make your delight even more mouthwatering. Cake boxes You can change design+generic outlook according to the desire of customers. They are provided with various shapes, sizes, printing options, and protection gadgets like support cushions, partitions, lift racks and aluminum foil coating on cake boards. An appropriate box can keep your cake safe till it reaches its destination and may be a source of immense delight for the consumer.

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