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Lottery Spells You Can Try To Win

While many consider spells to be a farce, some lottery spells can help you better your chances of winning. These spells essentially help attract luck. Here mentioned are a couple of white spells that you can recite to better your chances of winning the lottery. 

Copper Coin Lottery Amulet

This winning lottery spell is perhaps one of the most common spells that can help you win the lottery. It is rather easy to use since all you have to do is make a good luck amulet using only copper coins. It works best if you have it by your side while buying or scratching the tickets. 

What Do You Need?

For this, you will need 

  • At least two white candles, preferably twelve, 
  • Twelve copper coins, 
  • A copper pot, and 
  • Red wine

How Does It Work

Sit the candles around the copper pot, lighting one at a time in a clockwise format. Start from the one facing east. Pour half the wine into your copper pot and drop the coins inside. While dropping each coin, say, “King Jupiter! King Jupiter! King Jupiter! Help me to see! Help me find luck!”

Once done, raise your hands to the sky and recite, “Iovis Rex Mundi, ad portal reperio me!”. You will then close your eyes and pick a random coin from the pot, which will be your lucky coin. 

Green Candles Spell

The second easiest spell you can use is this, which only requires you to have a unique visualization and utter some magical words. Pair that with the right timing and your lottery skills, and you will surely enhance your chances of winning. This tool has been shown to act as a charm and attract good luck. This spell to win the lottery is quite beginner-friendly and effective. 

What Do You Need?

For this, you will need

  • Two green candles
  • Rosemary or Patchouli essential oil 
  • A few malachite stones (you can also use tiger’s eye or amber or green jade)
  • The same number of coins
  • A lighter

How Does It Work?

Start by mixing the essential oil with one of the green candles while also visualizing wealth and success. Place the lit candle on an altar. If you do not yet have a regular altar, you can also use a plain table for it. Place the malachite and clean coins around the candle. Then you will have to recite this mantra thrice, 

“I, (your name), invoke the power of the four elements,

 Water, fire, earth, and air.

 Attract all the money I need and want.

 With no intention to harm anyone and for the greater good.

 So be it”.

Take the other candle and light it, watching it intently as it burns. All this while, you will have to visualize prosperity until the candle gets entirely consumed. While you can hide the remains in your garden or inside the house, you should have the coins and stones in your purse or pocket. It usually takes about 10 days to manifest. 

You can find more similar spells on websites like Spellsdoc. They have researched a lot about it and can guide you in the right direction. 

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