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Live Streaming On Youtube

How To Start Live Streaming On Youtube

Nowadays, one of the most common jobs is online video streaming. It provides enough monetization to avoid having to work a regular job. The most popular of these is game streaming. The streaming shows a person playing a game, and the viewers are linked to them. It creates a personal experience for both the player and the viewer. Since game streaming has gained popularity, there has been a significant increase in online streaming platforms. However, every gamer has heard of YouTube and imagined streaming on it and on multiple platforms at the same time. They have a variety of problems while multistreaming, and we are here to help. This article will go over how to live stream pre recorded video on youtube

What Does It Mean To Schedule A Video 

Video scheduling aids in the creation of a social media content calendar. It’s an excellent way to ensure that you don’t forget to share the high-quality content you have created on a regular basis. And scheduling ensures that you publish those videos at the best time for your audience. The scheduling has helped the creators to manage their time in creating, recording, and finalizing the videos accordingly. 

How to Schedule Video On Youtube

If you don’t see the schedule as an option when you go to post a video to YouTube, you will need to verify your account. The procedure is straightforward and quick.

  • Select YouTube Studio from the third dropdown menu after clicking on your YouTube profile icon. This takes you to your channel dashboard. More options are available in the left-hand column, beneath your profile icon. Scroll down and click on Settings.
  • Once in Settings, navigate to Channel and then Feature eligibility. Click through to Status and Features at the bottom of that section. You can see if your account is already verified or start the verification process here.
  • To get verified, YouTube will ask you to choose the country in which you work and how you want to receive your verification code. You will then be asked to provide a phone number.
  • You will receive a six-digit code shortly after selecting your verification method. Depending on which option you selected, that will be delivered via text message or as an automated voice message to your phone. Fill in the space provided and press the Submit button.
  • And now you are verified. A verified account has access to some additional features on Youtube. 

Now let’s move on to scheduling a video on Youtube. 

  • In the top right corner of YouTube, click on the camera icon. If you are in YouTube Studio, click the red Create button. Then drag and drop your video to begin uploading.
  • Fill in the title, a description, and a thumbnail image. This is also where you will choose which playlist you want your video to appear in, as well as the video’s audience. Finally, you can set any age restrictions you want.
  • You will arrive at the Visibility tab after going through the Details and Video elements tabs. You will see the options to save, publish, or schedule at this point. To begin, decide whether you want the video to be public or private once it is published.
  • Then select Schedule. This is where you set the date and time for your video to go live.
  • If your video was successfully scheduled, you will receive a notification.

Tips and Tricks For Youtube Live 

Before you start streaming to Youtube or on any platform in general, there are a few best practices that you need to follow. These are not any restrictions but simply some tricks to enhance the viewer experience in your Life.

  • Write a description that best suits the content of your video. Make sure that the description is short and crisp but it defines the content a viewer can expect. Make sure to include searchable words so that it can boost the SEO and your video reaches the target audience.
  • You have to analyze your audience either by the comments or by using any tool. But it is important to read the mind of your audience. It will not only help you in creating future content but it will also help you to live stream pre-recorded videos on Youtube.
  • If you are new to YouTube and don’t have much demographic information yet, but want to reach a similar audience, keep an eye on your competitors. This can assist you in determining which scheduling details work best for your audience.
  • Make sure to maintain a content calendar, it means that you have to be consistent with whatever you post. It is about quality and not quantity. So make sure to deliver the content on the days you have decided.
  • Lastly, if you are new to the business and trying to build an audience, start streaming on multiple platforms. But multistreaming can be quite hectic so you can take help from streaming solutions. These streaming services help you to go live or schedule a video on multiple platforms at the same time. By using these services you don’t have to go to all the individual platforms and schedule your videos. 

LivePush Streaming Service

Live push is a video streaming dashboard that provides live media streaming, live scheduling, and VOD hosting services. It is built on a highly scalable cloud to stream live events at any scale. Easily broadcast live media to over 45 streaming platforms at the same time, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and LinkedIn, with no additional effort from the user.

For live and recorded media streaming, Livepush supports HD, Full HD, and 4k resolutions and automatically encodes them into low-to-high resolutions for a faster and more adaptable streaming experience. Live push provides multiple free plans to avail of Twitch and Youtube streaming at the same time. 

Livepush Features

The platform provides multiple streaming solutions to cater to your needs. It includes Game streaming, Church Streaming, and Live TV Streaming. You can have mass viewers by streaming epic gameplay on multiple platforms at the same time. The features include streaming your previously recorded sessions too. Also, to interact with your audience you can use chat overlays from different streaming sites to one embedded chatbox. Now you can do Twitch and Youtube streaming at the same time.

The platform not only supports gameplay but also provides a place for other activities like streaming Holy events. By using the same methodology you can stream your events or pre-recorded sessions to your viewers. In this way, the platform is not bent toward a particular audience rather it includes people of every age. 

Live push provides an HTML5 web player code to be placed on your website as Iframe. This can help to show your pre-recorded videos or live to the audience who visit your website.


Now that you are all clear on how to live stream pre-recorded video on Youtube, head over to Youtube and start streaming.

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