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Why Should You Embed Linkedin Feed on Websites?

It is 2022, and everyone is using LinkedIn. And believe it or not, LinkedIn has helped many businesses and brands to get enough recognition. 

Linkedin might not look like an easy-to-use social media networking site, but it can be one of the most beneficial and impressive arsenals in your marketing tools. A strong LinkedIn presence can help you boost brand awareness in many ways. 

We have something for you if you are still on the fence about whether you should use your LinkedIn feed on website. This blog discusses why you should embed LinkedIn feed on the website. So, follow along and clear your mind about the LinkedIn feed.

But First… 

We understand that opting to embed might be a new thing to you. So before we discuss this in detail, let’s clarify the basics first. 

A LinkedIn feed is a functional block that helps you showcase all the content from your website. 

You can embed LinkedIn feed on website using any social media aggregator tools. These tools are easily customizable. It means you have total control over how your LinkedIn feed looks to website visitors. It also helps boost overall website engagement and improves dwell time. 

Now that you know the basics of LinkedIn widget, let us discuss why you should embed LinkedIn feed on website. 

4 Solid Reasons Embed Linkedin Feed on Websites

We can provide you with many reasons to embed your LinkedIn feed on the website. However, we are jotting down 4 solid reasons that will fasten your decision-making process. So follow along and read this blog till the end. 

#1 Boost The Dwell Time 

As a website owner, the biggest struggle is increasing your website’s dwell time. Brands and businesses spend thousands of dollars to achieve their website’s desired dwell time. However, one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by embedding a LinkedIn feed on a website. It helps the visitors scroll through your LinkedIn content without leaving the webpage. 

You can add an eye-catching video to welcome your visitors to your LinkedIn feed. You can use one of your value-packed LinkedIn posts. It will retain the visitors for a longer period. 

Remember that dwell time is directly related to the user experience. The better user experience you give to your visitors, the better your dwell time will be. 

#2 Encourages The Conversation With The Users

No matter your business industry, you must know that social networking sites are the deal breakers. They can create enough buzz for your business on the internet. They can also help you to have conversations with the audience in a better way. 

A Linkedin feed on the website helps enough information about your business. It helps the visitors to know more about your business rather than mindlessly scrolling the website. Since LinkedIn is an approachable platform, it helps your business to appear welcoming and communicative. This way, it opens the doors of mutual understanding between you and your website visitors. 

#3 Time And Money Efficient 

A LinkedIn feed holds enough content to convey your brand message without hampering your marketing budget. You can also showcase the content created by your product or service users. It can be a review or a positive post about your business. Such type of content will take little time or money. Once you display such content on your website, your customers will be highly encouraged to create content for your business. 

But we highly recommend asking the original creators before using their content. It helps you to have mutual respect in the market. 

#4 Increases The Conversion Rate 

All that matters, in the end, is the conversion rate. A lower conversion rate is the nightmare of all website owners. A LinkedIn feed has all the factors contributing to the higher conversion rate. A LinkedIn feed helps you to establish trust and credibility. It helps you improve the website’s dwell time and conveys a clear brand message. And the list goes on. 

You can also take a step forward and show some social proof on the LinkedIn feed. Studies have shown that the more social proof your website has, the better your conversion rate will be. 

Wrapping Up 

As a brand, having a LinkedIn feed on a website makes you look approachable. It opens the door to two-way communication between the company and its customers. 

Linkedin is the pool of target customers that you are looking for. It is a platform where you will get high returns on fewer investments. 

You will lose the game if you are still on a hunch whether to use your LinkedIn feed on the website. 

So, do not look any further. It is your sign to embed LinkedIn feed on your website and see your business grow.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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