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Link Building for Law Firms Strategy Guide


When it comes to marketing your firm, link building is one of the most important things that instantly pop up in your mind. It will not be wrong to say that links are perhaps one of the most important things in building your brand image among your audience. Effective link building for law firms can rank their websites, bring traffic, and promote agencies like any active ad. 

In SEO, there are various ways to acquire links. Some link building for law firm strategies does not involve a lot of effort, whereas others can make you put in a significant amount of time, effort, and ingenuity simultaneously. 

Out of all those strategies, here we are going to look into some proven link-building strategies that can help you go a long way in lawyer marketing. So, without any further delays, let’s get you started.

Guest Posts

Once you begin publishing content on your website, you should also discover opportunities to guest post. You can do guest posting with online magazines, blogs, and other pertinent websites. You can hire a content writer who qualifies as the law, but if you are writing independently, We suggest you blog for a few months to improve your writing technique before publishing anything on your website.

Writing a guest post provides you with major benefits in law marketing. First, it introduces you to your readers. Second, you get a byline at the top or bottom of your article. Also, it includes a description, a link to your website, and your name, an indirect promotion of your website.

To search for guest posting opportunities, start your search by writing guest post sites on google search. This will give a thousand results related to guest posts. But if you want to be more specific, you need to use google Advanced search operators like {your keyword + “write for us”} or {your keyword + “submit an article”/”submit a guest post”}. You can try different variations; the possibilities are just limitless

Here are a few variation you can try:

  • Your keyword + “guest blog”/”guest post”
  • Your keyword + “write for us”
  • Your keyword + “submit an article”/”submit a guest post”
  • Your keyword + “contribute guest post”
  • Your keyword + “contribute to our blog”
  • Your keyword + “become a guest blogger”
  • Your keyword + “guest blogging guidelines”
  • Your keyword + “contributor guidelines”
  • Your keyword + “send a tip”
  • Your keyword + “guest post by”
  • Your keyword + “guest author”

Become A Source

Yet another way of back link building for law firms, you can become a source for journalists and bloggers who are always looking for expert opinions to give their stories authority. They can offer you backlinks in exchange for authorized information. 

Traditionally, sources were people the media would get in touch with when they required information. For instance, if they needed quotes for a piece on recent legislation or the effects of a high-profile court decision.

Establishing connections with journalists is still a wise move. However, by offering a platform that links journalists and sources, websites like Help a Reporter Out (HARO), ResponseSource, and Qwoted have made it simple for anybody to add to articles.

Use Lawyer Specific Directories

Directories are listings of websites where you can find all the websites related to the lawyer market. There are numerous lawyer-specific directories on the web, from subscription-based to free. In addition, you can also find time-based websites. 

Regarding links, some legal directories are extremely authoritative and have all the information, like a law firm’s phone number and address. You can use these lawyer directors as one of the link-building opportunities to obtain easy traffic. Just ensure to choose the directories with good DA and do not have any spam links. Then, go with a quality and trustable directory. 

Just to elaborate, there are two types of directories: Paid directories and free directories. Paid directories include fees to process your content and publish a brief review of your firm. On the other hand, free directories are generally a bit easier. You will merely need to fill out the basic information to add to your website. 

Establish Good School Connections

Referring domains on the internet have the highest value in the Edu. Sector. And you can use this fact in your law firm link building tactics.

They can significantly increase your visibility and rankings because they are quite authoritative. Additionally, you have a distinct edge as a lawyer because you already have connections with institutions and universities.

You can approach your law school or undergraduate institution if they conduct an interview with you or feature you in one of their online publications. Even better, try to get a column on one of their blogs or university articles, or ask them if you can provide a lecture.

Provide The Scholarships To Law Students

Scholarship link building is another proven strategy for law firm link building. You can reach out to colleges in the area and other relevant publications and tell them about it. It is an expensive strategy, but it offers you the high potential for getting as many links from authoritative .edu websites. 

The basic idea behind this strategy is to create a page on your website and then promote it to bring the maximum traffic in. But you need a perfect plan before you advertise it. Think carefully about what amount you want to offer, what qualification you want to set for the students to receive this, and what significant link-building opportunities this type of link building has for you. 

Always Give A Keen Focus To Content

Content on your website must stay either extremely relevant and newsworthy or evergreen to stay clickable. These blog entries by an immigration lawyer on some of the laws in the United States are examples of extremely pertinent and newsworthy content. 

When you create an inbound link, you need something for these inbound links to point to before you start the process of creating external links to your website. The first step in link-building for a law company is to provide compelling and worthwhile content.

As is common knowledge, link-worthy material isn’t self-serving. The reader must find value in it. In other words, you won’t benefit much from a news release announcing a prize your legal team has won. However, a 4,000-word blog post on how to maximize a vehicle accident claim will. So, it all boils down to the quality and relevance of the content.

PR Relations

The following link building for law firms tactic mixes both SEO and PR. When you speak with a news outlet, they often post your story on their website. When they cite you as the subject matter expert, they frequently link to your website in the article. Quora is an excellent place to start on this. The best part is that you may apply this link-building technique to bloggers, podcasters, and other credible websites like news websites or even publications that are subject to the law.

Let's Wrap Up!

These were some of the major link-building for law firms. These are as effective as you can think. These link-building tactics works for most of the lawyer marketing. However, if you want to know and find other strategies, Scorpion is here to help you. Scorpion can provide you with the best link-building strategies and marketing services to help your law firm achieve its goals.

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