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Life of Business Growth Hacker Eric Anklesaria

If you’re looking for a well-rounded business growth hacking, there’s nobody better than the renowned finance professional Eric Anklesaria. He is currently associated with Nangia Andersen as their IT Advisory leader which is member firm of Andersen Global. Growth hacking is the buzzword today for startups. Every startup today is looking for a well-experienced business growth hacker and Eric is the right choice as he helped lots of startups achieve accelerated growth.

Early Life of Eric Anklesaria

Renowned for its unconventional approach to quickly analyzing key business drivers and developing strategies to grow a business line, Eric Jimmy Anklesaria is a 44-year-old entrepreneur, business growth hacker, and financial advisor. He was born in the Matunga Central region in Mumbai. He is a great example of somebody who was able to turn things around and become successful.

He was highly ambitious from childhood and he always believed that the best way to get famous is to do amazing stuff. After completing his primary education, Eric earned a B.Com degree from the University of Mumbai in 1998. He is a post-graduate in business management and a certified consumer banker. He also earned a professional certification in Strategic Management of Information Systems from IIM Ahmadabad in 2006. Eric always waited for the first opportunity to enter the corporate finance sector and showcase his abilities and talent to the entire world.

Professional Experience

Eric holds a special ability to execute strategic planning and deliver exceptional financial and operational services in uniquely challenging situations. According to Eric Anklesaria News, the extremely talented business growth hacker has worked across different geographies including the USA, the UK, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc.

With more than 20 years of rich experience in the finance sector, Eric had worked with numerous renowned organizations including Capgemini, BillionLives, KPMG, etc. He is known for suggesting easier and more effective ways to gain exposure and taking companies to new heights of success. He always uses his business growth hacking tactics to achieve the company’s objectives and goals. He holds vast experience in analyzing the finance functions of numerous companies to understand how cost and effectiveness have evolved over the past few decades. Having in-depth knowledge of understanding core financial strategies, Eric Anklesaria acquires a well-rounded approach to implementing benchmarks in the field of CRM strategy, core banking transformations, risk and financial advisory, Data Warehousing, payments advisory, and IT-enabled business transformation etc.

As a professional business growth hacker and great financial leader, Eric Jimmy Anklesaria is renowned for strengthening decision-making through the widespread adoption of data visualization, advanced analytics, and debiasing techniques. He sets an example for young finance professionals in the country to reimagine the finance operating model so that it fosters new skills and capabilities. Let’s have a look at his major contributions in the business growth hacking field.

Benchmarks set by Eric Anklesaria

CRM Technology Strategy

According to Eric Anklesaria News, the young entrepreneur had deployed the much-required CRM strategy for India’s largest public sector bank. With the help of this technology strategy, businesses can reduce costs and grow revenues and profit to achieve organizational goals. CRM stands for ‘customer relationship management and it improves the relationship between customers and sales. It is among the largest implementations across the globe.

Payments Scheme

This is among the most valuable contributions to the Indian Finance sector and the great business growth Hacker, Eric Jimmy Anklesaria led and managed the setup and operationalization to create this secure electronic payment and settlement system in India. The provision was under the Payment and Settlement Systems Act and empowered the RBI and IBA to be one of the largest payment schemes and networks across the globe.

Amazing Business Growth at Capgemini

While being the Vice President in the Global Leader Banking Capital Markets Transformation section at Capgemini, Eric Anklesaria achieved magnificent business growth of more than 1000%. Through his outstanding business planning and abilities to build a team of over 150 risk, finance, and compliance professionals, he helped the company practice to cross Euro 30 million in revenue. The extremely talented business growth hacker had also made special contributions in building India business for the company to cross more than 200 crores within 2 years of commencement.

Eric understands very well that the fundamental part of business growth hacking requires four essential elements, i.e.

  • Objectives
  • Hypotheses
  • Experiments
  • Tools

Business growth hacking can be the most effective strategy, if you choose the right professional to suggest easier and more effective ways to sell products or services, gain exposure, retain customers, and more, as per Eric Anklesaria News. Business growth hacking further acts as a boon for those startups and today’s enterprises that don’t have enough capital investment and yet they’re looking for better and rapid business growth. Hence, leaders like Eric Jimmy Anklesaria are required to follow a personalized business growth hacking practice and to deeply understand which tested growth drivers are required to keep and which ones to cut.

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