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Lesser-known facts about Eyelash extensions by KA-RAS

The most understated beauty treatment might be eyelash extensions. The greatest misconception about eyelashes is that this treatment is only meant for bridal packages.  Rather the niche elite of the society uses lash treatment regularly. We have customers visiting us to get their looks magnified with our polish lash and nail salon and guess what they always come for more. People who have used the Ka-ras eyelash extension at least once, tend to use them regularly at any public gathering.

We at KA-RAS believe it is our social obligation to educate and inform all the divas in India about the qualities of Eyelash extension. So, we have compiled some lesser known.

Here, Ka-ras polish lash and nail studio bring to you some facts about these services that every woman should know.

Will not break your lashes

This most asked beauty treatment and the logical question might be whether their natural lashes fall off using eyelash extensions. An anxious question was produced due to the unprofessionalism in the market. At KA-RAS, we provide extensions that will keep your natural eyelashes strong and healthy.

Cannot use Mascara after extensions

Amateur polishes lash and the nail salon will recommend mascara after extensions. As far as KA-RAS is concerned it is a big NO. Applying Mascara on extensions will induce breakage of your natural eyelashes. And besides, if you have to use mascara you are defeating the whole purpose of natural-looking eye extensions.

A Blessing in the mornings

Of course, lash extensions look natural and absolutely exquisite on your face. Imagine waking up looking beautiful, though hard to imagine but you will find yourself gorgeous any time of the day. No need to use chemical-ridden heavy mascara because the eyelash extension will pave your way to the aristocracy.

Are they high maintenance?

As a matter of fact, eyelash extensions are known for their low maintenance attribute. All you have to do is follow a few steps to ensure the longevity of your extensions

  • Wash your face with plain water
  • Gently brush your extensions with the comb ( can use a brow comb )
  • Brush them 2 times a day preferably morning and at night to remove any dust particles

There might be a single DON’T for eyelash extensions. Do not use oily products or makeup remover in the proximity of the extensions. It will damage extensions at a very fast rate.

Extensions need to be refilled?

To enjoy the prolonged life of the extensions one must refill them in 20-25 days so that they can get their money’s worth.  It is highly recommended you visit your polish lash and nail salon once a month and ask for a refill.  This way you will not have to buy your extensions again rather they will make the extensions luscious by adding some mass and making them new just like when you bought them.

Are Extensions durable?

With continuous pioneered research, eyelash extensions can survive atrocities like humidity and steam. They are so sturdy that you can even use them on your swimming pool vacations and not worry about extensions ripping off.

How much does the extension last?

Traditionally people wore extensions for a few hours in a public gathering. With state-of-the-art modern extensions, you can use your extension for 3-4 weeks.  A little shedding is normal and once you see the volume perishing you always have the option of getting them refilled from your polish lash and nail salon.

Are lashes customizable?

We all agree every woman’s eyes are different. Some are born with high-volume lashes while some may not. Depending on the current lash structure of a client an expert can cater to your customized needs. It also depends on the preference where some women may want to be the center of attraction and demand volume while some may want an extension for daily use purposes and demand medium volume. Do discuss your needs with the polish lash and nail salon experts

Is it painful?

Thank the heavens for they have blessed us with eyelash extensions that are completely painless. Though it takes little time, wherein to make sure the process of lash application goes appropriately. It is not a painful process but requires patience since your eyes must be closed during the whole process.

If you are looking for the most trustworthy polish lash and nail salon in Gurugram, we would like you to consider & highly recommend KA-RAS nails. We give our clients, a one-stop solution for nail and eyelash extensions. It provides us immense joy when our clients share their valuable feedback. Your delightful stories make our hearts swell. That is why we keep striving for new technologies and better catalogs of services for you to choose from.

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Ahsan Khan
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