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Learn Arithmetic in a Method that is engaging and extra Exciting

Math, area and perimeter measurement, and fraction conversion are only some of the topics covered. It’s a great tool for educators to monitor student progress.

If you want to learn arithmetic in a method that is engaging and exciting, this is your best option. You may improve your arithmetic skills and acquire them at no cost by playing games online.

This user-friendly, state-of-the-art online game has been educating the future generation of scientists in mathematics since 2023. This method is becoming increasingly popular among those who struggle with mathematics.

Teachers can use the data to see where their students are struggling and tailor their instruction accordingly. In group assignments and projects, students can figure out solutions together.

How fun is it to play games with it?

From elementary school arithmetic and algebra through calculus and statistics, 99math has a game for you. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and operations with fractions and whole numbers are taught to students.

Math, probability, and statistics are covered as well as radicals and exponents, linear equations, and systems of equations. It covers each topic in-depth, providing lessons, assignments, and tests to ensure mastery.

The system also has information concerning standardized exams like the SAT and GRE. The goal of each lesson is to provide students with the foundational knowledge and abilities they’ll need to succeed in mathematics.

What is the regular payment?

No fees are required for teachers to participate in or conduct online activities. It costs nothing to sign up and get started designing your own live games or games that kids may play on their own. We will never share or sell any of your personal information, including your email address, to other parties.

We don’t promote other companies via “sponsored” email campaigns either. If you have any more concerns or questions about our privacy policies, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is the average age of the site’s users?

This is a collaborative learning resource for math teachers in grades 1 through 8. It improves students’ performance and shortens the length of the class. The game requires less than a minute to set up the instructor, and students can use any computer to participate.

Additionally, it enables distant child combat. Encourages children to develop an aptitude for and interest in mathematics. Keeping youngsters engaged when they aren’t in school can be challenging.

Can this be used as a test by a teacher?

Teachers can observe their students’ growth over time and pinpoint specific difficulties. The game keeps score so that educators can adjust their approach based on their students’ performance.

Some elementary through middle school students may benefit from it, but this cannot be guaranteed. As a result, players whose math skills are lacking may require supplementary materials or instruction beyond what is offered in the game.


99math is a math education and tutoring platform for people of all ages. It’s an engaging and interactive approach to getting better at math. Its concentration on instruction and clear explanations are great for helping students develop a solid foundation in mathematics. You can now work on simple math problems or advance to more complex ones.

It’s simple to use and packed with helpful data, so it’s a fantastic option. You should practice on your own if you want to improve in math. You could potentially improve your mathematical abilities.

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