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Kodaikanal places to visit

Kodaikanal Lake

When you look down on the Kodaikanal Lake from above, you will be astounded to see a star-shaped body of water that is the heart of this city. The fact that it was created by humans and dates back a long time sets this apart from the other Kodaikanal tourist attractions. The Palani Hills hills form an impressive ring around the main lake. Explore more Bangalore to kodikanal tour package. You can go boating, relax by the water, or just stroll around. You can go fishing at this lake if you have the proper authorizations. The Kurinji Flower, which blooms just once every twelve years, is famously preserved at Kodaikanal Lake. In the summer, boat pageants and flower exhibits never fail to captivate. 

Bear Shola forest

A trip to Bear Shola Falls is essential if you’re seeking seclusion, tranquilly, a glimpse of the beauty of nature, or just wish to meet some unusual animals and plants. Because bears frequented this water hole to quench their thirst, it acquired its catchy moniker. As it cascades down the lush slopes and the artistically carved boulders, this spout comes to life during the rainy season. For Kodaikanal tourism that passes through dense forests, this white water area is the ideal location. In this location, which is slippery and populated with monkeys, one must be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Pillar rocks

The Guna Caves are edged by imposing pillar rocks, and because of their mystery, they are among the must-see attractions in Kodaikanal. These rocks tell the tale of a love story that continues to stir many people’s emotions. These pillars, which protrude from the lofty mountains and rise to a height of 400 feet, provide the best view of the hills’ topography. These rocks used to be home to a white wooden cross that was meant to represent love, but it has since been lost to time. Keep your hearts close since you might fall in love with the location. The tiny garden adds to the tourist appeal of this prime picnic location. 

Thalaiyar falls

Thailayar Falls will surprise you in more ways than one if you’ve never seen a constrained waterfall before. Its broadness has been reduced, making it fall at a rapid angle like a narrow tail. This cascade, which is the highest one in Tamil Nadu and drops from a height of roughly 297 metres, is the best site to see in Kodaikanal. It appears as a wide strip flowing out of nowhere in the centre of the vast Palani ranges, as you can see if you catch a distant sight of it. A common pastime at the base of the falls is hiking, which covers an incredible 15 kilometres.

Coakers walk

Coaker’s Walk is the most popular tourist destination in Kodaikanal, thus you should go there if you want to experience the height of beauty on Earth. Driving through the mountains is one thing, but walking a kilometre on that trail and gazing at the lusciously green mountains on the other side is quite another. For their daily and evening strolls, city dwellers use this path. Even though it is fee-based, the telescope house magnifies the valley view. The year-round climate is nice, but due to the height of the mountain, the winters are bitterly cold and gloomy.

Dolphin’s nose

Dolphin’s Nose Kodaikanal is a must-see destination and is located 8 km from the Queen of Hills. The Dolphin’s Nose, which is 6600 feet in elevation, gives breathtaking views of the entire city. The grandeur of Dolphin’s Nose is characterised by rugged terrains, bright skies, deep valleys, and the splendour of lush green surroundings. The cliff is perched above a piece of flat, outcropping rock. It makes it look like a dolphin’s nose from the side. This is how the cliff acquired its well-known name. Mother Nature has still provided for tourism in this area, even at such a height. So, put on your sporty, adventurous shoes and start climbing the route of the Dolphin’s nose if you want to add some more flavour to your trip to Kodaikanal.

Berijam lake

The Berijam Lake, a natural freshwater lake, is located 22 kilometres from the Kodaikanal bus stop. Since 1990, it has advanced to become one of Kodaikanal’s most popular tourist spots. The lake is a haven for a variety of other animal critters in addition to providing breathtakingly beautiful and relaxing scenery for environment lovers. The majority of visitors to this lake are tourists who enjoy spending time away from the bustle of the city. To create enduring memories, come here with your loved ones and friends. The Berijam lake’s stunningly clear, brilliantly blue water is its main draw.

Guna caves

One of the enigmatic tourist destinations in Kodaikanal that offers a fascinating experience is Guna Caves, which is situated off of the main city’s Pillar Rocks Road. These caves, which were formerly known as Devil’s Kitchen, are actually caverns that the mountain’s three boulders have created. The Guna Caves were created at a height of 2230 metres. Although the caves were found in 1821, it wasn’t until the Tamil film “Guna,” which was shot here, became a major success that they began to draw significant amounts of tourists. The caves are still visible in certain places today. The Guna Caves look eerie because of the abundance of bats there.

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