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Key Web Design Elements to Create An Effective Website


The main objective of a website is to offer a satisfactory experience to the users and meet your business goals at the same time. By keeping a check on various design elements, you can create an effective website according to your requirements.

However, it is not that simple as factors like marketing, branding, and target audience need to be managed simultaneously. You should also be familiar with the key design elements like user-friendliness, appropriate use of CTAs, engaging content, and more in the first place. We have jotted down the top ones below that will help you make the most out of the custom web designing process. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Top Web Design Elements To Consider Before Creating A Website

User-Friendly Design

While designing a website, you should keep your target audience’s convenience in mind. The users must be easily able to use your website, without getting confused. So, the simpler the design, the better your website gets.

However, don’t compromise the functionality and features to keep the design simpler. You need to maintain a balance so that the visitor is still able to perform all the required operations, despite the site being simple. In addition, keeping the user experience (UX) design in mind is equally important. The user must enjoy browsing the website. So, you need to pay attention to its aesthetics.

Here are a few things that should be present in a good website:

  • Home page offering simple navigation
  • Option to search the site
  • Forms for user’s query and similar uses.

Mobile Responsiveness

As mobile devices have become more affordable and advanced, most people access websites on their smartphones instead of desktop. So, your business website should be optimized for different handheld devices like smartphones, tablets, and more.

However, the term “mobile responsiveness” is not meant for mobile devices only. Its meaning is to make your website function properly on different screen sizes without losing its aesthetic appeal.

If you have a responsive website, you will be able to capture a comparatively larger audience. In addition, your website visitors have the flexibility to use it on their preferred devices.

Engaging Content

Content is an integral part of a website. For this reason, putting informative and engaging content on your site should be on your priority list. Without proper content, the users will not be able to discover your products or service. Besides, if the content is not simple and engaging, they will eventually leave your website.

Moreover, you should focus on keeping the content relevant according to a specific niche. Otherwise, the search engine will get confused regarding the category in which it has to rank the site. So, the blogs, videos, and images on your website must be presented in a proper format to make it easily crawlable for the respective search engine.

Last but not least, the content that you provide to your visitors through the website should properly explain the products or services you offer. Otherwise, they will not have the clarity and move to the other sites. Your aim through engaging content must be adding value to the customers.

Load Time

The time your website takes often decides whether the user will stay or abandon it. As most websites are optimized to load at a fast speed nowadays, your site must have a minimum load time to beat the competition.

The ideal load times for websites have shrunk to just a few seconds. Consequently, either your website opens up fast or you lose the customer. Besides, longer load times increase the bounce rate of your site. It is a negative thing as the search engines will conclude that your website is irrelevant and not valuable for visitors.

Effective SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is necessary to scale your business online, but some people tend to overlook its importance until their website is ready. Although SEO practices still help after a website is created, they are best implemented while designing it.

An ideal approach is to keep the design SEO-friendly from the very beginning so that search engines can easily crawl the website. When the search engine can easily go through the web pages of your site, the ranking is automatically improved.

However, you should opt for reputable website design services to ensure the best practices are implemented while designing your website. Good agencies have skilled web designers who have deep knowledge and understanding of the design elements So, they can help you effectively achieve your business goals and add value for your customers and clients.


Call-to-actions (CTA’s) help encourage your website visitors to buy your product or opt for your service and turn them into your clients. After the visitors go through the content on your website and get clarity over your offerings, CTAs make it easy for them to take action.

Compelling CTA’s like “Click Here To Buy Now!”, “Signup For Our Newsletter”, and “Book An Appointment”, are helpful for the audience to move to the next step. In simple words, CTA’s tell the customers what you want them to do. So, they have a great impact on your sales and lead generation. By reaching out to a web designing expert, you can effectively know about the right spots on a webpage to place a CTA.

Aesthetically Pleasing Images

As mentioned above, your website must be aesthetically appealing to capture the users’ attention. And, a considerable part of ensuring that is to add relevant and high-quality images to the site. This helps to create a good first impression on the potential clients’ minds, as most people judge the quality of a product by how it looks in the image.

Moreover, you should optimize your website in a way that shows up when a user searches for the respective product or service. For instance, your business is to provide chocolates to customers. A skilled and knowledgeable web expert can properly optimize your site imagery. So, when someone searches images for the term “chocolate”, the images that appear in the results are from your website.


If you own a business in today’s digital world, an effective website is possibly your most important asset to reach customers. And, a considerable part of having a great website is designing it properly in the first place.

So, you should keep a check on factors like load times, mobile responsiveness, user-friendliness, and more while designing the website. Consulting a good web design agency can help you to implement the things mentioned above effectively. In addition, you will get suggestions regarding further improving your site’s design.

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