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Key reasons why you should consider Dynamics 365 to drive digital transformation

The purpose of digital transformation is to underpin the ability to respond to change and to remain resilient and strong as a business while maintaining focus on customer needs and your competitive landscape. Businesses that are flexible, encourage growth-mindsets amongst their team and understand the critical value of maintaining pace with technology are thosethat succeed through digital transformation. The adoption of a digital platform helps organisations remain relevant, remain competitive, respond fast and conduct business in a modern and success focused manner. Let’s discuss key ways organisations can leverage digital transformation services and Microsoft dynamics 365 services to drive meaningful change.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an interconnected group of cloud-based business applications. Ranging from CRM applications covering marketing and sales, to ERP solutions,Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications can be deployed together to provide a unified experience company wide or can be used individually for specific application focused solutions. The D365 family of products can be deployed relatively quickly, out of the box, offering immediate and purposeful impact or can be greatly customised and enhanced to meet the unique needs of each business deploying the platform. Once deployed, D365 integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products such as office 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform, to create market leading productivity, communication, analytics, and automation across a business.

Reasons to consider Microsoft Dynamics 365

Centralised data: The interconnected nature of the D365 suite these applications natively share data, offering a single source of truth, minimising data redundancy and painful data siloes. One of the key aspects of digital transformation services and Microsoft dynamics 365 services is the ability to unify data and make it actionable, to aid a business in its growth mission.

Work flexibility: Dynamics 365 is cloud-based. The entire user population only requires an internet connection to be able to work effectively, meaning location is no longer a consideration. Further, some D365 apps have mobile apps meaning flexibility is driven even deeper.

Customer engagement:Customer journeys in D365 marketing allow for rich automated marketing campaigns,providing close connections between business and customers & prospective customers on a consistent basis. The automation aspect of the platform also offers excellent productivity gains for marketing and sales teams, removing the need for them to be manually performing these tasks.

Scalable:Scalability is built in at the core of D365. It’s straight forward to scale up or down with monthly subscriptions and licenses needed, all sat on top of the Azure cloud for complete technical assurance and enterprise grade hosting.

Gather and analyse customer feedback: Dynamics 365 Customer Voice connects each business with its customers through surveysthat can be personalised to each customer and their answers, customised to the organisations brand, and scheduled to send automatically. Once surveys are created and sent out, dashboards and data visualisations offer actionable insights based on responses to each survey, allowing this feedback to be implemented.As a result, customer engagement, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are all able to be boosted.

Data security:Microsoft D365 protects information across its cloud based applications and data sources via robust access controls, including physical data-center, service hosting platform, network connectivity, and user/administrator access levels.

Critical Business Insights: Microsoft D365 is able to offer real time business insights through an advanced Power BI interface offering organisations the power to ensure all business functions are performing in sync and in-line with expectations.

AI: Dynamics 365 uses AI to analyse and anticipate the needs of company its customers, such as when something might require maintenance, when a customer needs to order a product or materials, alongside product suggestions, or by extracting and displaying actionable highlights from meeting transcripts.

Excellent user interface: As we have come to expect from Microsoft, user interface design is strong across their family of products and D365 is no different, meaning training and onboarding is eased as a result.

Any organisation considering digital transformation with rely heavily on a unified vision and willingness to adopt that change, a culture within the organisation that is growth focused, a clear purpose, a focus on how to enact a strategy for change, class leading technology, and of course actionable data to underpin all of this activity. When done right, Digital transformation engages customers, allows employees to do their best work, boosts business operations teams and outcome, and delivers exceptional experiences for clients.

Ready to begin your digital transformation?

Newpath can help you leverage the power of digital transformation services and Microsoft dynamics 365 services, for your unique circumstances and goals. Our transformation team can help get you started with an initial discussion and help map out what your full journey will look like.

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