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Key Elements of SEO

In today’s world, the digital space is growing rapidly, and a majority of consumers are looking for solutions to their needs online. This is forcing even traditional businesses to embrace digital transformation in order to realize their goals.

A major determinant of ranking in this scramble for readers, followers, and subscribers is SEO.

The idea is to increase the number of people who are likely to view a site in a given period. This increase in traffic means more opportunities for the business.

What is SEO?                       

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing a website’s visibility with the core objective of ranking on the first page of search results on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and many more.

A good Chicago SEO company can help you achieve your optimization goals on two fronts:

Local SEO

This is optimizing for geographical locations. Basically, it means that if clients are looking for a particular business in a given location, your brand is likely to appear on the first page of the search engine results for that area.

Organic SEO

This is optimizing content. It involves natural and free ways of increasing the ranking of a brand’s website on search engines. It includes best practices on engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing that optimize your content for free.

There are several elements that can affect the visibility of a website. The 5 main elements of a good SEO strategy are:

1.  Keywords

Choose words and phrases that are well-researched and carefully handpicked to help customers looking for goods and services connect with your brand.

The use of keywords is an old technique that has been used widely by brands for decades but is still in use today. A good SEO Chicago firm uses keywords that are natural, short and have high search rate while also having low competition.

Tip: To avoid the risk of your website being penalized by the search engine’s monitoring algorithms, do not list keywords but rather integrate them into your website content.

2.  Content Quality

High-quality content brings the preferred audience to a given website. This makes it easy for visitors to engage with your offers.

Most importantly, a business needs to provide accurate and dependable information about its products or services so that customers find what they are looking for easily.

It also helps to avoid duplicated or auto-generated content, as this may lead to the content being classified as of low quality and your site ranking poorly.

3.  Social Signals

Having your content shared widely on social media helps to boost your SEO. With this in mind, encourage people to share your content on social media to boost your rankings.

Additionally, it is vital to growing a social media following for your business to share and collaborate on trending topics that are relevant to your business.

An SEO Chicago firm may add social media buttons on your website to make it easy for site visitors to click and share widely across different social platforms.

Links are crucial to a good SEO ranking signal. There are three kinds of links to this effect:

  • Inbound links occur when other websites link back to your site. These links are an indicator of high-quality content.
  • Outbound links connect content from your website to external sites, directing users to additional information about a query.
  • Internal links point to resources within your website. A web of internal links helps to tie pages together so that visitors are able to refer to earlier posts. These links boost user experience and ranking at the same time.

Tip: It is an undeniable fact that there is no better and more trusted form of advertising than word of mouth, and inbound links are exactly that.

5.  Search Intent

Search intent is what allows website users to enter queries into search engines.

Put simply, people search for the content while already having a particular topic in mind. As such, matching user search intent can show that you are authoritative in that field.

This also helps users rely on you as the dependable source of that content, thus you fulfill their needs better and build brand awareness effortlessly.

When all is said and done though, it is important to note that some SEO elements are more important and more influential than others.

Hence, the need for engaging a reputable Chicago SEO company.

These are content specialists who help you achieve the highest returns from your SEO practices.

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