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6 Tips for Developing Your Own Handyman App Like Uber or TaskRabbit

Have you ever wished you could call a handyman to fix that leaky faucet or a home repair service like TaskRabbit to get small jobs done? After all, who has time to be the handyman of your own house? If you feel this way, then you’re not alone. According to one study, in the U.S. alone there are 35 million people who have expressed interest in services such as cleaning, home maintenance and repair, carpentry work, plumbing services, electrical work and window installation. And 73% of those surveyed expressed interest in some sort of app for hiring household workers and contractors. Unfortunately, it can be quite expensive to hire a professional for repairs and maintenance in your home or office on a regular basis – unless you launch your own Handyman App! Here are 6 tips that can help you build your own Handyman App:

Research your competitors

If you’re planning to make a house repair app, it’s important to research your competitors. What are the challenges facing the industry? What are the best companies to partner with in your specific space? Who are the best investors in your category? What are some common pain points among customers? Read through industry reports and conduct surveys to get a handle on the challenges facing your specific industry.

Develop an MVP – minimum viable product

You can always build out your app over time, but first you’ll need to create an MVP – a minimum viable product. This is a version of your app that has the most basic features that you’d need to make it work for your audience. You can then use this to test the waters and see what your customers want or don’t want in your app. You can also use this to test different pricing models – like a free app with a paid upgrade. It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t want to build out your app before you’ve properly tested the waters. In other words, you don’t want to spend a ton of money on development before knowing whether or not your idea will work.

Establish your brand

It’s not enough to just create a Handyman App. You also need to establish your brand. This means having a name, logo, colors and other branding elements as well as a mission statement. If you’re building an app that’s focused on home repair and maintenance, then you’ll want to create a brand associated with dependability, quality, and trustworthiness. Or, if you’re building an app that’s focused on office cleaning and janitorial work, then you’ll want to create a brand associated with speed and efficiency.

Create partnerships with service providers

If you’re building an app that allows people to hire contractors and service providers, then it might not make sense to partner with other contractors and service providers. After all, your app would be competing with these companies on both price and quality. However, if you’re building an app that’s focused on connecting homeowners and business owners with contractors and service providers, then you’ll want to partner with other companies in your industry. This can help you build your brand and increase your profits and reach. You can find contractors and service providers through online marketplaces or by going to local trade shows and events in your area. You can also post a request on a freelance website like Upwork.


If you’ve ever wished you could call a handyman to fix that leaky faucet or hire a contractor to get small jobs done, then you’re not alone. In fact, there are millions of people who want to hire contractors and service providers but don’t want to go through the hassle of calling around, wasting time and finding the right person for the job. If you’re interested in starting your own Handyman App, then you’ll want to first research for a top handyman app development company, decide on a user experience and user interface that works for your audience, create an MVP, establish your brand and create partnerships with service providers.

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