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JoinPD Vs Pier Deck Presentation System

JoinPD is a presentation management system. It provides teachers and students with a platform to participate in presentations and keep track of student activities. This tool allows teachers to create presentations, assign representative codes to students, track performance and monitor student responses. In addition, teachers can limit student access to presentations and activities.

JoinPD is a presentation management system

The presentation management system that teachers and students alike can use to share and receive questions in real time. The platform is a popular choice for teaching online courses. It offers numerous advantages over Pier Deck Presentation System. Here are just a few of the main advantages. – The ability to manage multiple classes –

– It is easy to use. Educators can upload presentations or import existing ones. Students can also participate in question-and-answer sessions and submit their responses to the questions. also allows teachers to keep a track of the progress of their students. Once a presentation has been uploaded to the system, the teacher can access the feedback that students have given and monitor student progress.

– It’s free to use. You can easily create slide shows and share them with your students. To access the presentations, you’ll need a code, which you can receive via Gmail.

It allows teachers to control the activities of their students

Is an online platform that allows teachers to give presentations and monitor the activities of their students. They can assign a specific role to each student, limit the time they can edit the presentation, and keep track of their progress. Students can participate in the presentations as long as they have a valid email and password.

The system is simple to use. To start, you must create an account on the website using your Microsoft or Google account. Once you have an account, you will need to grant the app access to your student’s Google accounts or Microsoft accounts and provide a unique five-letter code. Before granting permission to your students, read the privacy policies of the website to ensure that their information remains private.

Once you have set up your account, you can monitor your student’s progress. You can lock or unlock each student’s account and control their activities. This way, you can easily keep track of your student’s progress, and tailor you’re teaching to fit their needs. You can also control the number of students who can access their accounts.

It allows students to join a presentation

If you’ve ever been frustrated with your student’s inability to access your presentation, could be the answer for you. The website enables teachers to create and distribute presentations for their classes, as well as a monitor student activity. The teacher can also set restrictions on what students can do. For example, students cannot edit the presentation content or add new comments.

To use, you need a Pear Deck account. Once you have an account, create a presentation, invite your students and assign a code to them. They’ll then receive an email containing a special code that they can enter to join your presentation.

To join a presentation, students must log in to Pear Deck with a Google or Microsoft account. When they’re logged in, they’ll be directed to a student portal and prompted to enter their email address. From there, they’ll be in Student View where they can view slides and participate in discussion. If the presenter wants to access the names of their students, they can also require an email login, as this will allow them to see the responses they’ve received from their students.

It allows instructors to keep track of their student’s progress

A collaborative platform that allows instructors to monitor the progress of their students. They can also create interactive lessons and assign unique access codes to each student. This allows them to track student responses in real-time and see what is working and what is not. They can also lock student accounts to prevent them from editing answers unless they have explicit teacher permission.

The free online platform that can be accessed by anyone. To use the service, all you need is an email account. Sign in using your email address and you’ll receive a unique access code. You’ll then need to enter this code when you want to join a session. Once you’ve done that, you can see each student’s progress and test results.

Rear deck is another great way to engage with students. It is an online social learning community for students, which promotes positive mindsets and a sense of community. You can access Pear deck by entering your code to connect with other students.

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