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Nobody likes being ripped off – especially when they’re in business.

Still, most companies pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to their web designer for shoddy, substandard work. are you

  • Luckily, there’s a quick and easy way to find out.
  • Enter your website address and click the “Check” button.

If the page you’re seeing says “Validation Failed” in red text, you may need to speak to your web designer — especially if there are more than a handful of errors.

Is your web designer one of the cowboys?

Unless you own a cattle ranch, you probably don’t want to employ cowboys. You wouldn’t put up with substandard work from a builder or electrician, would you? What about an  Loughton web design company accountant who doesn’t understand the tax laws, do you want him to handle your finances?

Well, most web designers produce websites that are shoddy and shoddy — and the worst thing is, they don’t even know it .

How can I tell if my site is substandard?

Many professions and industries have standards. For some professions, like medicine or law, you need a qualification before you even start. Other industries, like food processing or construction, aren’t as strict when it comes to academic qualifications, but they do have standards that need to be met – like health and safety standards or food hygiene standards.

You don’t need an academic degree to become a web designer. All you need is a computer with internet access and the confidence (or in some cases the arrogance) to call yourself a web designer.

Although many people (and most web designers) don’t know it, there are standards for websites.

Additionally, it’s really easy to test your site to see if it’s up to standard. All you have to do is visit a website and you can test your website.

What are web standards?

Websites are programmed using a computer language called HTML. There is a right way to code HTML and a wrong way. The right way to program HTML is called “Web Standards”, everything else is the wrong way.

The difference between the right and wrong way to code a website is technical – so if you’re a business owner, you don’t need to understand the details.

However, you need to understand that if your web designer didn’t use web standards, it means the following:

  • Your site will rank lower in search engines – so you’ll get fewer visitors
  • It takes longer to download – so you lose more visitors than you get
  • It might cost you more to maintain the website
  • It’s harder (and more expensive) to make changes to the site
  • Up to 40% of users may not be able to see your website properly because they are using a different type of computer or web browser than your web designer.
  • Your website will likely not be accessible to people with disabilities – which could mean you could be breaking your local disability discrimination laws

Of course, if your web designer didn’t use web standards, you might not have all of these problems – but you certainly will.

If my website fails to validate, does that mean it’s not using web standards?

Not necessarily.

The W3C validator is a useful tool to check if your website uses high-quality HTML. However, it is not a 100% guarantee.

It’s possible for a website to fail validation on one or two minor counts. If this is the case, it’s not a big problem, although you could ask your web designer to fix it.

However, if your website has tens of hundreds of errors, this is bad news.

It’s also possible for your website to pass the validator and still use outdated techniques, but this is much less likely.

Should web designers use web standards?


To put it bluntly, if you don’t understand web standards, you really shouldn’t call yourself a “professional” web designer.

There are instances where, for practical reasons, it’s acceptable to use techniques that don’t conform to web standards, but it has to be an informed choice.

How many web designers code websites wrong?

Unfortunately, most web designers program websites incorrectly. The sad thing is that  web design in Loughton  many of them don’t even know anything about web standards .

There are many web designers using web standards, but they are in the minority.

Since there are no barriers to entry in web design, anyone can start as a web designer. That means there’s plenty to choose from, but it also means there are a lot of cowboys producing poorly coded websites.

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