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Is the skateboard hard to ride?

Longboarding is a popular sport that many people love. It’s great to be able to surf on the land and it feels great.

Longboarding is a common question. I can tell you that longboarding is easy if your goal is to ride at the beach or park and cruise around. It is important to improve your balance and stance, as well as learn to push, turn and brake.

It depends. Many factors will influence whether or not longboarding is easy or difficult for you. Your age, fitness level, physical ability, your goals for longboarding, the type of longboard that you will be using, and the environment in which you’ll be riding are all important factors. You can buy the skateboad from wowgoboard.

Longboarding difficulty: age

People frequently ask me how difficult longboarding is for older people. I am in my 40s, which is quite old for skateboarding standards. A large portion of longboarders is college- or high-school students. However, the sport is gaining popularity among older and more mature people.

How old can you be allowed to longboard? Your physical condition is important as longboarding can be more taxing on the knees than walking or golfing. Longboarding is an extreme sport that can prove dangerous, especially when it comes to downhill speed.

Longboarding for older men (and women) can be a relaxing, low-impact activity that is easy to learn and enjoy. All you have to do is ride smoothly and create nice curves. This type of riding is similar to Tai Chi on wheels. Riders in their 60s can ride well and with very little stress on their bodies.

Longboarding difficulty: fitness level

Longboarding is easier for those who are fit and healthy, regardless of their age. Balance is a crucial aspect. You may have natural balance skills. However, some people are naturally balanced. If that is the case, it’s possible to improve your balance skills quickly by using a balance board like the Indo Board (Amazon Link). The balance board is safe and fun for longboarding preparation.

Joint mobility is another factor that will determine how difficult it will be to begin longboarding. This includes your knees, hips, and ankles. You will need to adjust your knees and ankles constantly to maintain your stance. Sharp turning can also strain your joints, including your hips.

Longboarding difficulty: rider weight

Is longboarding harder for a heavier rider? It all depends on how strong and agile the rider is. Some riders who are larger than others can be surprisingly quick. Your weight could be an advantage when you are pushing or carving, especially if that is your case (see my post on how fast you can go on a longboard).

You need to ensure that the board can support your weight for a long time. A sturdy deck should have at least 8 to 9 plies of Maplewood, or more, with bamboo layers A little bit of flexibility is necessary for shock absorption and comfort, but not too much will make your deck weaker.

A low center of gravity makes it easier to push, brake, turn, and pedal, especially for those over 200 lbs. A drop deck is a platform that’s lower than the mounting holes at both ends. It’s also easier to push, foot brake, and turn.

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