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Is Online BCA Good for Making a Career? Know the Top Career Opportunities After BCA Program

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications is a three-year bachelor’s degree course that facilitates students with computer knowledge and skills of hi-tech computer technologies through various subjects. Candidates in this course learn various subjects like programming, concepts of computer technology, application management and website development. It’s the first step in the world of information technology. In this digital world, an epochal shift in information technology is needed to push students to the field of career opportunities. It’s one of the highly preferred courses out there. 

Bachelor of Computer Applications prepares the candidates for many job prospects like Computer analyst, IT engineer, software developer, Graphic designer, Computer software advisor, reviewer etc. 

Today, compare portals are also available to provide students with numerous compare features. College Vidya is one of them that offers best in class comparison features to the students in order to make their career bright. You can choose your desired course and college and then compare its credibility with others. 

Here, we will explore a number of job options after the BCA degree program. 

Data Scientist

Every business needs to execute the necessary data for its growth. One of the top trending job profiles these days is  Data Scientist. You can grab this opportunity after completing the BCA with a Data Science specialization. You will be trained as a skilled professional with multiple skills like predictive analysis, big data formulations, data visualization and much more. The average salary of these professionals is also good as candidates get top-in-class salary packages in an IT or data science industry.  

Pursue a Master’s Degree Course 

After completing an Online BCA, you can easily boost your academic career through a PG degree. It will give you thorough and in-depth knowledge related to the topic or specialization in which you have an interest. You will learn many subjects at the PG level which helps you to grab top-class job opportunities after the BCA degree program. Lucrative careers are there are completing PG level degree as after MCA, you have more values, insights related to computer technology and so on. 

Technical Analyst 

One of the top career options after BCA is Technical Analyst. The candidates will be responsible for handling various activities like technical errors in the system and the IT procedure to enhance the productivity of the organization. These professionals used to predict various types of fluctuations in the stock market to check that the company is running with good software or business from the technical point of view. The Technical Analyst is used to check various applications and system processes to minimize the cost, evaluate and monitor various types of IT systems that can easily make predictions on stock growth and many more. In order to become a good Technical Analyst, a person must have knowledge of SQL, MS Office and the necessary languages for analysing technical terms of the project. 

E-Commerce Executive

The e-commerce platform opens the door for new opportunities in the marketing and supply chain. One of the trending career options in the field of e-Commerce is the E-Commerce executive who used to manage the retail presence of various types of products and services. It’s one of the best profiles that pay a very good salary package to the individual. After completing your BCA, you can easily embark on a bright career in the e-Commerce industry. 

Software Engineer

Candidates after completing a Bachelor of Computer Applications in regular, distance and online mode can easily become software engineers. They need to support their profession through a short-term certificate or diploma program. The demand for software engineers is increasing day by day and the candidate who holds this position will be responsible for various activities and tasks like ensuring that the systems are working properly without any glitches. They have the skills to handle various situations related to software programs. You can choose your desired specialization in the BCA and can pursue a certificate course on software to get your hands on basic and advanced things to make things better for good software. They also used to create software and assisted their team with the same.

Become a Good Digital Marketer

The field of digital marketing is evergreen and is growing year by year. It provides many career opportunities to the candidates. There are many roles that a good digital marketer needs to execute their management of content, social media operations, management of various activities related to SEO and performing marketing analysis to enhance sales, checking various activities on brand value and other aspects that offer a good reputation to the candidate who holds this job position. In this high-tech era, you can easily do a certificate program in digital marketing after completing your BCA degree program. 

Cyber Security Expert

Security of data is very necessary these days because we used to execute most of our business in online form like banking, online shopping, etc. Businesses also understand the value of data. So, they hire experienced professionals to tackle situations with cyber issues. This profession is in huge demand because every organization needs cyber experts to deal with various issues related to cyber and online crime and digital thefts. The primary job roles of these professionals are related to identifying and detecting the possible threats of online criminals, viruses and malware. Then, remove the same through various techniques and anti-cyber theft techniques. These people are trained to deal with every issue related to cybercrime and online attacks. 

Blockchain Professional

It’s one of the new fields in the sector of Technology. In Blockchain technology, candidates are prepared for checking and working with various blockchain technologies like Solidity, Java, Bitcoin, and so on. They need to develop innovative solutions for the demand and control of the blockchain industry. There is a huge shortage of these professionals in the IT industry. They are responsible for various tasks like researching and evaluating various types of applications on the basis of blockchain technologies. Also, they need to maintain the existing and server-side applications. They are responsible for business analysis and integration. 

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