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Is It Possible To Attain An Ideal Medical Billing State?

There are a few key elements that should be always prioritized by a medical facility to pave the way to success. Right from the medical staff and medical equipment to administrative staff and the quality of the facility, everything matters when you are dealing with someone’s health and life. But while focusing on the core competencies of a medical facility, the one thing that you should never overlook is medical billing. 

Many medical practitioners relate medical billing to the revenue cycle only but it can actually have a direct impact on how trustworthy you are for the patients. Although medical billing, coding, and system can look quite complicated, there is a way to make it entirely simple, errorless, and smooth. 

With better medical billing, the rate of claim rejection decreases, the satisfaction rate of patients increases, and your cash flow is boosted. But for achieving such an ideal state of medical billing in your medical facility, there are a few changes you need to make and there are a few points that you must consider. Keep reading to ameliorate your medical billing process without turning the administrative system and staff upside down. 

Patient Check-in And Registration 

To begin on the right foot, you should first note down the patient’s detail like address, phone number, and age accurately. Also, the insurance policy-related information is the most important part of the patient’s information and you should never forget to note-

  • Name of insurance payer 
  • Policy ID number, and
  • Insurance plan details 

If the frequency of the patient visiting the hospital is high then the insurance details along with the demographic information should be updated regularly as later, it becomes the basis of medical claims. It can make or break your claim rejection rate. And if you wish to avoid all of this, you can just opt for a medical billing and coding specialist.

Meeting Between Patient And Provider 

The meeting with the healthcare provider is called the Encounter in the medical field. During this meeting, the patient explains the symptoms or medical issues, and then the healthcare provider analyzes the information and decides on the right course of action for better treatment. 

If you don’t know the importance of this meeting then you should ask a medical billing and coding specialist. This meeting can play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of the medical billing process and this is why such meetings or encounters are video and audio recorded to make sure the right details and diagnosis were done and the claim can be passed on smoothly. 

The Role Of Charging Team 

All the people working in the medical billing field should be smart at solving problems. In the medical field, it is said that such people should be ‘good with puzzles’ because sometimes, dealing with medical bills is nothing less than solving a puzzle. The billers need to scour through a vast realm of codes to get the claims processed and sometimes, this process is not that smooth. 

This is where the decision-making ability of the charging team is put to use. They need to investigate, follow up, troubleshoot, and resubmit the claim otherwise the section of denied or rejected claims will keep piling up with files. 

Even the staff working in medical billing companies are first tested for their problem-solving, decision-making, and analyzing abilities to ensure they can deal with any kind of medical billing system and improve it. 

Paying Attention To Details 

In the current medical billing world, there are thousands of codes being used for different processes, diagnoses, and treatments and that’s why medical coding is considered to be complicated. Although it is not possible for every person to have knowledge of every single medical code, they should have strong attention to the details and the know-how of how to find the right code for the right procedure. 

The coders should be well-versed in every stage of claim processing and they should have the ability to ensure the timely and accurate processing of claims. Remember, even a single mistake in medical coding can result in prolonged waiting for the patient who is already dealing with physical or mental issues. 

Choose A Medical Billing Company 

If you lack the manpower to bring any kind of change to your medical billing system or if you wish to free up your administrative staff from the burden of medical billing and put them to good use, you can easily search for medical billing companies. You can easily offload everything related to medical billing to the medical billing company as they provide end-to-end service. 

You can either outsource a part of your medical billing process to the medical billing company or completely outsource the entire medical billing process. It all boils down to how much manpower you have, which type of skill they pose and how much you are willing to spend on medical billing. 

Attaining a state of ideal medical billing practice is not as difficult as you might think. You just have to make a couple of changes, follow some standards, and outsource some part of your medical billing.

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Ahsan Khan
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