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 Is it a new Ford Puma or a used Audi Q2 that best justifies the money?

Wapcar Automotive News – The Ford Puma first hit the small SUV segment three years ago, and shortly after it was crowned What’s our 2020 Car? Car of the year. It’s the equivalent of winning an Oscar for your first leading role.

However, perhaps this success is not so surprising. Because it shares many parts with the nimble Ford Fiesta, the Puma is fun to drive and extremely economical. Ford Puma front

But despite such critical acclaim, a high-end competitor would still be an attractive proposition, especially if you can pick up a used one for a similar price. For example, one of our favorite small SUVs is the Audi Q2 2023. Its prestigious badge alone is enough to make you fall in love with Ryan Gosling in The Notebook, and luckily, the rest of the package is as luxurious and polished as the Audi name suggests. Buy one at the age of three and it will cost a little less than the Puma.

So is a used Audi Q2 the best bet or a new Ford Puma our champ? Read on to find out how they compare.

Used Audi Q2 front panel


Performance, ride, handling, refinement

Both cars run on gasoline and are turbocharged, but the Q2 has a 1.5-liter four-cylinder under the hood, while the Puma has a 1.0-liter three-cylinder. Based on that sentence alone, can you guess that the smaller engine Puma is the more powerful car? Well, that’s right – its 153bhp beats the Q2’s 148bhp.

Puma has a trick up his sleeve, mind you. Its flagship engine has the technology that makes this model a mild hybrid (that’s the mHEV part of its name). In other words, it uses some electrification to save fuel and increase a bit – not particularly noticeable – when you put your right foot on.

Ford Puma rear

The Q2’s engine doesn’t have such technology, but it’s still powerful enough. In our testing, it managed 0-60 mph in 8.9 seconds, not far from the Puma’s 8.4-second effort. Both cars also pull well from low in the rev range. If comfort is your top priority, there are better trims to choose from. Our test car has a sport suspension, so it runs quite smoothly. Still, composure is impressive in every car, and the benefit of these firmer setups is confident handling.

Used Audi Q2 rear end

The Ford Puma is particularly notable. It doesn’t just have the same authority and layout in corners as the Q2; it’s also fun and engaging, feels more eager to change direction and has more precise controls. As a premium product, you would expect the Audi Q2 to be tweaked and most of the time it is. Wind noise is minimal, although there is some road noise (not aided by its heavy 18-inch wheels). That’s also a problem in the Puma, plus its engine has more acceleration, but it’s still a pretty quiet cruiser.

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