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Is a Power-BI Certification worth it (in 2023)?

Microsoft Power BI is the tool that is preferred for business analysis. What do you think, then? Do you need a certification to be employed in this field?

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most popular software for business analytics and intelligence available in the world. If you’re a business analyst, you’ll probably encounter Power BI sooner than later. Because of this, companies aren’t afraid to pay highly-qualified Power BI experts competitively.

If you’re thinking of securing the job of an analyst in business or are interested in other careers in data science You’re probably thinking how can I distinguish myself from other applicants? Do I require to obtain a certification to boost my resume and to be noticed by potential employers?

In this article, we’ll explain our reasons for why we believe that the Power BI Certification is worth it, as well as how to be prepared for your exam.

Power BI Microsoft Certification Power BI Microsoft Certification

Power BI is an Microsoft software for data visualization that converts data unrelated to diverse sources into coherent, interactive information that aid businesses in making decision-based on data. Microsoft is able to offer a reputable certification in this field.

The Microsoft Power BI certification is known as ” Exam PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst,” formerly known as “Exam DA-100 Analyzing Data using Microsoft Power BI.” The exam runs for 90 minutes and costs $165. It is available in a variety of languages, including English, Japanese, German and Arabic.

This certification is a test of your ability to perform the below technical tasks:

  • Preparing data
  • Modeling data
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Moving and maintaining assets

The reason a Power BI certification can be Beneficial

What is the reason you should get to obtain the PL-300 Microsoft certification in Power BI? This certification is vital because it proves that you have the skills to use Power BI to create the dashboards and reports. It also proves that they are proficient in sharing and distributing information, design paginated reports, and upload reports in a Power BI workspace. Additionally, having the Microsoft certified stamp provides you with credibility in the marketplace because you’ve been accepted by the company who developed Power BI itself!

The PL-300 certification from Power BI certification can help you in many ways:

  • Evidence of competence and readiness for work
  • Proved value in a highly high-demand job market
  • Career opportunities are increasing

What you need to know to Pass the Test

To successfully pass the PL300 exam it is necessary to be able pull all the skills listed below into a complete workflow

1. Preparing data in Power BI

  • Utilize power BI and the Power BI interface and building blocks
  • Import data from a variety of sources of data
  • Clean transform, load, and clean data

2. Model Data in Power BI

  • Make a model of data
  • Develop measures using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
  • Improve the data model

3. Visualize Data with Power BI

  • Develop Power BI Data Visualizations
  • Create a story based on data using reports
  • Create interactive dashboards

4. Data Analysis with Power BI

  • Do analysis of data
  • Use AI visuals

5. Manage Workspace and Datasets in Power BI

  • Create workspaces
  • Manage datasets
  • Implement row-level security

Training for the Exam

There are a variety of online resources to aid you in your preparation on this certification exam at no cost however, they do not help you acquire the abilities. It is possible to learn how to respond to questions but you’ll not be able to deliver the complete Power BI project from start to finish.

If you’d like to make yourself stand out when it comes to securing an interview, you’ll need to study in advance for an exam and create a project portfolio that demonstrates your ability to conduct the analysis of data.

Interactive Analyzing Data using Microsoft Power BI Skills Path developed in collaboration with Microsoft, teaches you how to analyze and present data with Microsoft Power BI quickly and in an incredibly short amount of time and then begin to build the portfolio of your projects to impress employers. When you’ve completed all of the Power BI training courses in this sequence, you’ll earn a 50% off% discount off your PL-300 certification.

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