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Investor shrug,once again,at Apple is latest deluge of product news


Earlier this year, Apple announced their latest iteration of the iPhone. The release was met with mixed reactions, with some praising its design and others criticizing its price tag. Despite the mixed reactions, it seems that investors are once again shrugging off Apple’s latest deluge of product news. This isn’t to say that Apple isn’t worth investing in; far from it. However, investors may be waiting for something more concrete before they invest. With so many new products on the market and a saturated market, it may be difficult for Apple to stand out.

Apple releases new iPhones

Apple released new iPhones on Tuesday and the reaction from investors was largely shrugs. Some say that this is just a regular cycle of product announcements from Apple, while others believe that the company may be releasing too many phones at once. Regardless, analysts are still trying to figure out what all of these phones will do and how much they’ll cost.

Some people are already looking forward to the next iteration of iOS, which is likely to be released later this year. Others are more concerned with the fact that Apple Watch sales have been relatively weak so far.

Uber is valued at $72B

Uber is valued at $72B and its investors are not interested in what Apple announced.

Investors shrugged off news of new products from Apple on Tuesday, with the company’s stock trading up just 0.6% in after-hours trading.

But the iPhone maker is getting plenty of attention elsewhere, with Facebook ramping up its investment in the company and Google launching a new iteration of its Android operating system that will be built specifically for smartphones.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos becomes the richest person in the world

Apple is once again the center of attention among investors, with strong product news and an upbeat earnings report from the company. Jeff Bezos became the richest person in the world on Wednesday, as Amazon’s stock surged after it reported strong quarterly results. While some investors are applauding Apple for its innovation, others are questioning whether the company can keep up its pace.

Tesla reaches profitability

Investors shrugged,once again,at Apple is latest deluge of product news Techniques

Tesla (TSLA) has finally reached profitability, a revelation that overshadowed all the other product news coming out of Cupertino. The electric car company posted a $52 million net profit in the third quarter of 2018, driven by increased sales and lower costs. Tesla shares rose more than 6% in after-hours trading following the announcement.

“This was another great quarter where we achieved continued growth and delivered on our promise to make Tesla sustainable,” said Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla. “We now have over 500,000 Model 3 cars in circulation world-wide and are seeing great demand for the Model S and X. We are just getting started with our products and believe there is much room for improvement.”

Tilray files for an IPO

Shares of Tilray Inc. (TLRY) soared more than 20% in premarket trading Monday, as investors digested news the medical cannabis producer is filing for an IPO.

The stock’s jump comes after a week of disappointing earnings reports from other tech giants including Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Facebook Inc. (FB), which highlighted how product announcements can have a limited impact on stocks given strong underlying fundamentals.

UI Design “Investors are getting antsy about whether there are any good stories left to tell,” said Brian Kelly, founder of BK Asset Management, which owns TLRY shares. “But this isn’t really about Tilray; it’s about how much consumers are spending and how they feel about the overall economy. Glass-Steagall was repealed in 1999, so when it comes to investing we need to wait until there is clear evidence before making decisions.”

“What Tilray offers investors is diversification,” he added. “It doesn’t rely on one thing going wrong.”

Other weed stocks have fared less well lately amid competition from better-funded peers such as Canopy Growth Corp. (CGC) and Constellation Brands Inc.’s STZ – +0.92% Corona beer unit among others – but Tilray has shown resilience by focusing on developing new products rather than expanding its customer base or acquiring rivals….

Amazon takes over Whole Foods

Amazon has taken over Whole Foods, and investors are not exactly sweating it. Amazon has been on a buying spree for the last few years, and Whole Foods was just the latest company to fall victim. Amazon is already the largest food retailer in the world, so this takeover won’t make much of a difference. Investors are more worried about Apple’s upcoming product announcements. Web3


Investors shrugged off the latest round of product news from Apple, with shares dipping once again after the company unveiled a slew of new products including the iPhone SE and a redesigned Apple Watch. The announcements failed to excite investors, who were more interested in companies like Facebook and Google that are releasing new hardware products. Overall, tech stocks remained weak on Wall Street as investors pulled money out of cyclical sectors such as technology andconsumer staples.

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