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Intensify the spirit of gaming with sandbox clone script

Gaming industry is evolving at a faster pace. Now, the gaming experience is not the same as we used to have in the past era. With the advent of Web3 and blockchain technology, it has flourished with each passing day.

Have you ever imagined how far the user experience will go with blockchain-based metaverse games?

In metaverse games, users can experience the physical world in the virtual land since metaverse utilizes AR/VR technology. The decentralization behind metaverse games offers interoperability, tokenized in-game assets, ownership to the player, and secure transactions. In addition, it brought some exciting play to earn models that pay players while playing the game. Overall, it provides an immersive experience to players.

Indeed, Metaverse is transforming the way we play games earlier. Sandbox is one such gift of the metaverse. Sandbox is an NFT game and marketplace where players come to play, create assets, and monetize them for profits.

Let’s find what the market says about sandbox:

Currently, more than 2 million people have registered for the sandbox game.
Talking about the value, then the sandbox is valued at $1.36 presently with a $382,028,099 trade value in 24 hours.

With such humongous popularity of sandbox games, building a sandbox clone script is the most appropriate decision for businesses. If you are eager to know more about this, stick to this informative blog. This blog will cover every aspect of the sandbox game and script.

Let’s begin…

First of all, what is a sandbox clone? Get the answer below.

Sandbox clone script

Sandbox Clone is a website script for Metaverse-based NFT game and marketplace. The clone script incorporates similar features as of the original sandbox, providing an immersive experience of the 3D game in the metaverse. Like the original version, it is also built on the ethereum blockchain with ERC 721 standard. This game involves buying land, using it for different purposes, creating NFTs, and monetizing them.

Elaboratively, sandbox clone is all about virtual plots of lands in the metaverse. One can use 3 different types of tokens in the sandbox: LAND, SAND, and ASSETS. All these tokens will be discussed later.

On successful registration in online auctions, players can buy LAND tokens whose status are as follows:





Players can buy plots of land using ETH and SAND tokens and are eligible for cross-selling and up-selling via Opensea NFT marketplace integration.

Types of Sandbox Clone Tokens

As discussed above, 3 sandbox clone tokens help the gaming economy, including gamers, artists, creators, and landowners, get engaged with the platform.

Sand: Sand is an ERC-20 token useful for maintaining the gaming ecosystem’s transactions and interactions.

Land: It is a plot of land in the virtual world. Gamers buy LAND and utilize it to create games, assets, and host various events.

Assets: Assets are tokens developed by players by assembling some user-generated content. These are built with ERC-1155 Standard.

Develop A Metaverse NFT Marketplace Like Sandbox

To build a sandbox-like marketplace, a ready-made sandbox clone with similar functionality and features is required. You can hire experts who provide white label sandbox solutions to get tailored metaverse-based business. However, you can add extra features to the sandbox clone script as per your project requirements.

Some of the basic features that every sandbox clone should have:

Attractive UI/UX design

Business analysis

Ethereum blockchain network

Testing speed and performance

ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 token standards

Develop the minimum viable product

Integrate front-end and back-end features

Include Assets, Land, and Sand Crypto-Tokens

Creation of Avatars And NFTs With Advanced Toolset

Governance rights

Additional key features of sandbox clone script


This feature enables players to build 3D objects such as humans, animals, vehicles, tools, and many more.

NFT marketplace

Through the Sandbox clone script marketplace, users can upload, buy, and sell their NFT creations developed using voxedit.

Game creation

This is the most thrilling characteristic of the Sandbox clone script. It lets gamers create 3D games at no extra cost. This does not require any prior knowledge of visual coding to create some highly engaging 3D games.

How can you generate profits from sandbox clone script?

The owners of lands can collect registration fees from the players interested in buying a piece of land.

The owners can also gain money by enabling NFTs for use to other people.

A commission fee is charged to facilitate the creation and start of new play-to-earn games.
Profits are possible through auction and gas costs necessary to keep the transactions going.

Mining and minting fees also contribute in generating income.

Creating assets on voxedit and trading them on the NFT marketplace.

Purchasing land can also be made profitable by renting or populating them.

Users can build games and monetize them in sandbox clone script.

Advantages of using metaverse sandbox clone

Metaverse NFT marketplace has full potential to grow since it is one of the 3 best NFT

metaverse gaming clone scripts.

It provides complete transparency while making transactions in the marketplace. Thus, it is trustworthy and reliable.

It enables the quick transfer of assets on a custom-built NFT marketplace.

As sandbox clone script is based on blockchain; therefore, it offers advanced security and keeps frauding and identity theft at bay.

It offers instant payments without any need for personal information or card details.

Necessity to build an NFT marketplace like the sandbox

The below-described factors are eye-catching and highly motivating to develop a robust NFT marketplace-like sandbox. Read below:

Sandbox is an eminent 3D P2P blockchain game where players share financial values using NFTs and DeFi system.

The sale of NFTs and LAND, which is approximately $2.8M in sandbox clone script, broke records.

It has been observed in the latest statistics that there were more than 30,000 accounts and 6300 land owners.

No doubt, Sandbox is the emerging NFT gaming platform.

What would be the estimated cost of developing a sandbox clone script?

A sandbox clone cost may range between $10,000 and $18,000. However, the cost may vary depending upon numerous other factors such as:

The Complexity of the app

Number of features

UI/UX design

Technology stack used

App maintenance

Development team

Selection of blockchain network

Utilization of multiple technologies

Other prominent things you need to look for

While building a 3D metaverse marketplace like sandbox, ensure the following points:
Infinite gaming features using sophisticated tools

Create an engaging game-like sandbox in a voxel environment with trading functions.
Incorporate other gaming options such as camera sensitivity control, sound off/on control, adjustable screen resolution, etc.


Sandbox clone script metaverse is an amazing opportunity to build your business with a strong base. In the coming years, it is going to rule the blockchain gaming industry with great return on investment (ROI). Therefore, it is high time to start your business by developing an app like a sandbox and entertaining your users.

Get in touch with a reliable sandbox clone script development company now!

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