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Insurance Terms You Should Know.


A company or person who signs an Insurance Company in Pakistan that indemnifies (protects) him from the loss or damage to property, or in the case of a liability policy, defends him against claims from the third person.

Additional insured

A person or an entity that isn’t automatically insured under the insurance policy of another, but for which the policy of the named insureds provides an appropriate level of security. The endorsement is generally required to grant an additional insured status.


It is parting one the risk or insurance plans among the two insurance firms. The typical scenario is that each insurer pays the insured their portion for the losses. Co-insurance is also an arrangement where an insured party, in return for a reduced cost and a lower premium, agrees to carry insurance that is equal to a certain percentage of the amount of insured property. For instance, if you’ve decided that you will hold insurance for 90 or 80 percent of the value of your property and its contents, whichever is. If you don’t, the insurer will pay claims in proportion to the insurance you carry.


The first dollar amount of a loss where the insurer is liable before the payment of benefits by the company; is similar to a self-insured retirement (SIR).

Self-Insured Retention

this is similar to a deductible, but the insured is accountable for all legal expenses incurred in connection with what is included.

Limit of Policy

The maximum amount of money the insurance provider is liable for paying the insured as per its policy.


Insurance that provides the insured’s property or the property of an individual. Typically, it covers damages to property belonging to the insured, regardless of what the policy covers reasons. It’s an policy for the property. One example of first-party is BUILDERS’ RISK INSURANCE, which covers damage to the vessels or rigs during construction. It is only a contract between an company, an owner or operator of the ship, and the contractor interested in the vessel.


Liability insurance protects the insured’s negligence in the face of claims by a neutral third party. It protects contractors repairing or altering a vessel owned by a customer at their shipyards, other places, or on the sea. It also protects the insured when the customer’s property is in the “Care and custody and the control” of the insurer. For example, the Commercial General Liability policy is required for additional coverages for slip-and-fall incidents.


Anything that is a part of something covered by an insurance policy or has a legal connection with that object triggers some event that results in an economic loss to the insured. An example of an insurable interest is the ownership of a particular piece of land or an investment in the amount of property, e.g., a shipyard building a rig or vessel.


Insurance protection shields an insured from claims by third parties who cause damages to their home or their person. The majority of these losses occur because of negligence by the insured. In the case of marine construction, the policy is known as MGL marine general liability insurance.


This type of Pakistan Insurance Company offers extra liability protection. It provides additional security over what you carry as the “underlying” coverage for liability. It provides automatic replacement coverage for policies with underlying coverage that are canceled or reduced due to loss.

Product Liability

 The liability arises if a product has been negligently produced and then released in the direction of the beginning. A claim arising from the failure of a producer to correctly manufacture, examine or warn of the manufacturing process of an object.

Design Defects

Suppose the known dangers of harm caused by this product had been lessened or eliminated using a more practical design. In that case, the inability to adopt the alternate format makes the product reasonably secure.

Inadequate instructions or warnings DIFFERENCES

If the known dangers of harm caused by this product would have been mitigated or eliminated by reasonable instructions or warnings, but the absence of these instructions or warnings causes the product to be not secure.

Omissions and errors Similar to professional liability or malpractice insurance. A contract in which one party takes on the inherent responsibility in the circumstance relieves the other of the obligation.


A purchaser and a seller of products or services specify the terms and conditions upon which the seller can make repairs or repair issues at no cost to the buyer.

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