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Instructions On How to Draw A Unicorn

Instructions On How to Draw A Unicorn. Draw different characters and animals with us With These Unicorn Coloring Pages! Hello everybody! This easy drawing tutorial explains how to draw a unicorn. The Unicorn is a genuinely magical creature in many legends, cartoons, and stories.

For centuries, great minds have turned to the image of these rebellious animals. Leonardo da Vinci wrote a fable about them, Raphael wrote The Lady with the Unicorn, and ancient Greek historians spoke of unicorns in their writings as if we were now describing purebred horses or white rhinos.

Yes, modern classics can’t get past unicorns – it’s reminiscent of the Harry Potter saga. When Harry bought his first wand from the store, he learned that each wand had a powerful magical substance and that the Unicorn’s mane of hair was one of the strongest in the Harry Potter universe.

Let’s Meet A Unicorn

The Unicorn is a fictitious beast defined since ancient times as an animal with a single large, spiraling, pointed horn protruding from its forehead.

In European literature and art for the past thousand years, the Unicorn has been depicted as a white horse or goat-like animal with a long, straight horn with spiral ridges, cloven hooves, and sometimes a goatee.

During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, he was described as a highly fierce forest animal, symbolizing purity and grace that only a maiden could capture. Its horn is credited with making poisoned water drinkable in encyclopedias and curing diseases.

Some scholars believe that a bovine unicorn was depicted in the seals of the Bronze Age Indus Valley Civilization, but the interpretation remains controversial We Are learning how to draw a unicorn.

The ancient Greeks mentioned a horse form of the Unicorn in the natural history accounts of various writers, including Ctesias, Strabo, Pliny the Younger, Eliano, and Cosma Indicopleste. The Bible also describes a beast, its king, rendered as a unicorn in some translations.

Let’s Start

The Unicorn is a symbol that embodies protection, nobility, harmony, and fortitude. Today we have prepared some handy step-by-step tutorials, and we hope that drawing a unicorn will be an easy and exciting task for you!

The Time Needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw A Unicorn

Step 1

Shape the head. Begin by sketching the primary figure of the character’s head.

Step 2

Body sketch. Now, draw the basic shape of the Unicorn’s body under the head.

Step 3

Add the legs. Draw the first part of the visually closer legs. Use the example of the step to get the sketch as shown: the second part of the legs. Now draw the next part of the legs.

Step 4

Add the tail. Draw the Unicorn’s tail with curved lines, as in the example. Also, draw the Unicorn’s hooves with straight lines.

Step 5

Add details. Draw a leaf-shaped ear; Then draw a circular shape for the eye and a line on the Unicorn’s face.

Step 6

Draw the mane. Now you need to draw the Unicorn’s lush mane similarly.

Step 7

Detail the head. Detail the Unicorn’s head by drawing the horn, Showing the rest of the details in the blue example.

Draw A Unicorn

Step 8

Color your drawing. Before you cover your beautiful work of art with paint, you can use a fountain pen and trace the outline of your sketch.

Unicorn Drawing

Drawing Completed

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