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InstaPro Apk download latest for android

This is the Instagram Alternative that you have been searching for. Insta Pro Apk allows you to instantly download photos, videos and stories from your friend’s accounts. You can choose the resolution you want and all media files will be in HD Quality.

Insta Pro Apk, a free tool that has the same interface and features as Instagram, is available. To enjoy the full benefits of the app, you will need to log in to your account. This app won’t share any of your information with anyone. You can use this app with no worries as your data is safe. The app is free and does not require you to pay any download fees.

What is InstaPro Apk and how do I use it?

Insta Pro Apk offers many amazing features not available in the original package. Insta Pro Apk allows you to download images, IGTV videos, stories and other media files from the friend account in one click. Before downloading videos to your device, you will have the option of choosing the resolution. Zoom in on the profile photo of any person to download high-quality images. You don’t have to pay any subscription for the services. To enjoy the benefits, all you need to do is replace Instagram with InstaPro.

Insta Pro Apk: Benefits

This is the complete list of features included in the Insta Pro Apk Package.

Read Stories

With just one click, you can download the stories and pages of your friends. You can download both, regardless of whether it is a video or text.

Upload HD Images

Uploading images to your profile doesn’t require you to compress them anymore. You can upload high-quality images with no problems using this app.

Translate Button

You can translate any public text comment or post into another language by clicking the Translate button.

Follow Tracker

You can monitor your followers to see who hasn’t followed you back, or who unfollowed and who haven’t in the last week.

App Lock

App Lock is an integral feature of this app. With a PIN or secure password, you can lock your app.

60 Sec Story

Upload a story that has a maximum time limit of 60 seconds. It was earlier only 30 seconds for regular users.

Change the themes

The themes can be switched between Light and Dark modes. You also have the option to switch between Light and Dark modes, as well as Lite Mode.

Download Latest Version of: Instagram Pro

How do I install Insta Pro Apk

Click the button to download the package.

Click on the Install option.

Allow the package to unload for a few minutes.

Log in to the app with your Instagram Username & Password.

Browse the features and discover new things.

Last words

Insta Pro Apk can be downloaded for free by anyone. You don’t need to complete any surveys or pay any fees. You can ask any questions about the app and the features by leaving comments. Our team will review them and respond to you as soon as possible.

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