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Insights of industry experts on video on demand services


Industry experts and leaders have a better understanding of market insights. They know the importance of analyzing the market gap. The ed-tech industry, for instance, relies on the tech advancements. Any advancement in tech upgradation gives competitive advantages to e-learning brands. Video on demand services is one such feature that increases business scalability.

Companies prefer innovative solutions to grab market share and potential audience. Therefore they invest in market research and R&D to get the first mover advantage. Outsourcing becomes the essential part in doing so. That’s why they hire b2b companies for collaboration to make the final product better for their audience. 

Shedding more light on the educational industry, ed-tech startups also prefer outsourcing. They aim at creating an e-learning software that can help their targeted audience i.e, educators, institutions, or students. 

One such example is creating an app with secured video on demand services with users & data privacy protection. 

Industry leaders on VOD services providers for businesses

Clients hire b2b solutions to improve or upgrade their final product. A digital product with innovative and relevant solutions gets audience attention. Here are some major features that are fruitful for businesses:

1) Premium content protection

Companies with custom video streaming services are hired by b2c brands. Their services help in securing the educational content of ed-tech brands. 

Now that their content is more secured from online theft and piracy, they get authorized users only. It further helps those e-learning brands with scalability. 

Video on demand services provider offers secured DRM features that secure their premium content from re-sharing & re-selling. Following points have more details. 

2) Digital rights management services

Continuing with the above point, DRM plays a major role in protecting video content streaming. VideoCrypt, one of the leading AWS certified partners, would help you in understanding the concept better. 

The product benefits ed-tech startups in many ways. Let’s find out its custom solutions:

  1. Limits the number of times content streaming 
  2. Authorized devices & users can only consume the content
  3. Content accessing through password protection
  4. Restricts user to edit or share content to unauthorized devices

There are many more benefits that a certified AWS partner like VideoCrypt can offer. 

3) Flawless video on demand services with AWS

Such products, mentioned in the second point, with AWS partnership offer much more services than content streaming. Without technical glitches and errors, video streaming services get better. 

While ed-tech brands approach these b2bc companies, they can avail such services AWS media live, AWS live class software development, etc. Additionally content storage, security measures also get improved.

4) Content management system

Besides the mentioned features, your ed-tech brand gets a flexible CMS for better productivity. It allows brands to customize the video content compatibility with several formats. Moreover you get features like bulk content uploading through amazon cloud front gets easier. 

5) Robust content delivery

Video on demand services also provide CDN. It helps in broadcasting content to a broader audience with a hassle-free content delivery network. Although the process covers technical aspects for content delivery from origin source to end users. 

Geographies of users also impact the process, that is why the best service providers have higher demand. Thus, VideoCrypt becomes the best recommendation to deliver productive solutions. 

Benefits of collaboration with VOD service providers

Let’s look at the benefits that the above mentioned features bring to various ed-tech businesses. 

1) Targeting the right audience

One of the major goals of brands is to increase their market share. In the digital era, wider reach is possible. Obtaining quality video on demand services help in increasing the audience ratio. Therefore, it lastly helps in audience filtration for productive marketing. 

2) Enhance retention rates

Upgrading the existing app with AWS features the user experience improves. In addition, content-user data privacy builds audience trust. Such features play a key role in increasing the user time span. Consequently, you get a boosted audience retention ratio. 

3) Better Insights 

Besides, it becomes easier to analyze users behavior when they surf your e-learning app. Such analysis helps in forming better app features. Moreover, when you hire professional mobile app developers for the same, they can improve the app using users’ insights. It also helps in forming better business strategies. 

4) Customer support & consultation

Video on demand services providers 24*7 customer support. If your hired agency does not provide that, turn your gaze towards VideoCrypt. Nonetheless, the technical process of updating your e-learning process may bring errors & bugs. That’s why tech support becomes important. A professional team never fails to provide tech support even after the completion of a project. 

Final Thoughts 

Upgrading the app/software with mentioned services is a time consuming process. It requires thorough market research & analysis, devs team coordination with clients, analyzing client’s business, and much more. Therefore, shortlisting the best company must be your top priority. Hiring the wrong agency could waste your money & time invested. Therefore, we prefer VideoCrypt, one of the leading video on demand services providers with AWS partnership. It offers custom tech support & streaming solutions. It is much preferable if you are an ed-tech startup and looking for updating the app with latest, recent, & reliable content streaming features.

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