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Influence of Apple over IT Industry

No doubt, apple is the name which every single one of us has heard and the world has witnessed the success and fame of apple. The company has won the loyalty of its customers across the globe and has upheld this position up till now. Along with the recognition, comes the influence of the company over other competitors in the field, and unquestionably, Apple has made an enormous influence over IT industry.

Apple history

On April 1, 1976, the company introduced itself to the world. The founders, Steve job and Steve Wozniak hold a vision and they wanted the computers to be that small size so that people can have them in their homes and offices as well, in short, they want computers to be user friendly and the instigators do work hard for the dreams to be achieved. From selling the first apple computer (apple 1) in July 1976, for $666.66, and now becoming the first ever $1 trillion company in the history, apple has surely come a long way. not only this but the company has a huge list of products to offer to their customers such as iPhones, iPads, MacBook, apple watches, air pods, air tags, apple TV and accessories.

Apple & its influence on IT industry

Apple products always hold a charm which no other product could compete and the same happened with some of the industries as the apple began launching its more products in the same domain.

One of the most affected industry was the PC industry, as the sales of PC were nearly 400 million a year before the arrival of the iPhone but as soon as the apple launches its smart iPhones the PC market has suffered a drastic downfall in sales and currently its only shipping 275 to 290 million PCs per year. Thanks to the iPhone revolution and other android productions which have made the communication fast, easy and reliant and the internet free and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Another major change in the PC industry was the introduction of mac in 1984. The IBM PC was already there but with a user interface which was text based while mac have graphical user interface, mouse and voice feedback like options which was considered a huge step by apple.

The floppy disk revolution by apple is again the noticeable change which apple introduced by changing the size of floppy disk from 5 ¼ inch to mac’s 3 ½ inch and by 1986 the mac’s floppy disk size was considered the standard size.

Next industry which was shaken by the production of apple was the telecommunication industry. In the year 2000, voice-over internet protocol become prominent and along with the introduction of iPhone, the telecommunication companies like AT&T and Verizon were moved to change their voice methods to digital voice over traditional landline method.

The whole game changes when the apple introduces its own iPod in 2001. Although, it wasn’t the first MP3 player of its kind but it still gathered to attract a huge audience towards itself and the love for iPods gradually increase as apple introduces its own iTunes in 2003 for people to listen to music. Without any wait for CDs, the iPod and iTunes technology surely bring together many listeners.

Apple Sales

It’s not always like this that the company has flourished but it has seen tough times too. There were financial losses but luckily Steve jobs managed to drift the company towards a brighter future. With his leadership qualities and dedication, 80,000 units of iMacs were sold in just 5 months. From 2003 to 2006, apple’s stock price increased from $6 per share to $80 per share. In 20007, apple released its first ever iPhone and according to its official sales figures, apple has sold 1.4 billion iPhones during the decade. Surely, the last ten years could be named as the iPhone decade which has massively changed the outlook of the technology industries.


In 2018, apple became the first company to cross the $1 trillion market capitalization and from there on the game changes and the road to excellence was highlighted and tailed. Without any doubt, apple has some worthy and commendable features to note down which altogether assembled a massive number of apple fans across the world.

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