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Incredible Influences Created by IBDP in Student’s Life at School!

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a 2- academic year course offered by IB for students aged 11- 16 years. It is a pre-university program with a balanced curriculum to hone students’ proficiency in all languages and subjects to face all phases of life. 

Here we shall focus primarily on the impacts an IBDP School in Singapore has on students for you to enroll your child in one! 

Student-centric benefits of the IBDP program

The motto of the IB curriculum is to develop a holistic approach to education that equips a student to face life after school independently and become responsible global citizens serving the community. Here’s how a student reaps the impacts of learning in an IBDP school

  1. Develops internal locus of control to face the upcoming practical challenges

Though the program is termed to be ‘rigorous’ apart from the high-quality education meeting international standards, it develops critical thinking and research skills and provides a global mindset. This, in turn, helps them apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios, thereby giving them an enriching university life. 

  1. Subject choices to mold them as goal-oriented individuals who later become subject experts

This is an option not all traditional schools and curricula offer. But in an IB school, students can choose subjects from multiple options to encourage them to pursue their area of interest. 

Also, once they are comfortable with the subject of their choice, they can perform their best in it.

  1. The Open-mindedness of IBDP builds universal values in students to become better future citizens

Apart from developing values by a School in Singapore, the IBDP think about who they are in this world. As a result, they gain deeper insights into their identity and culture and appreciate and care for others for their difference. 

Moreover, they develop fairness and dignity to respect every human being as they are. Also, they are risk takers to face any situation or challenge with their well-thought strategies because of their knowledge in real-world contexts. 

What experts say about the IBDP program

Many scholarly studies and researches prove that students in an IBDP school have a tremendous success rate in getting through university admissions. However, even Dr. Wootten, HoS at BNI, emphasizes that the IBDP curriculum is data-driven, student-centric, and has less student-to-teacher ratio. 

Even the panelists in the selection committee in top universities tend to pick IBDP students because they showcase critical thinking and research skills and emphasize international mindedness and global citizenship. 

Nevertheless, according to IBO, 94% of IBPD students think independently, and 93% of IBDP students are more open-minded to learning new things than non-diploma students. 

How IBDP impacts students in their university life

Students who wish to excel in top Universities must possess ample skills in independent research, time management, awareness of resource allocation, financial literacy, cultural competence, stress management, assertiveness, passion, perseverance, and teamwork. All these criteria are imbibed in an IBDP graduate. 

Also, the IBDP program exposes the student to how to face life at university with hands-on experience. With such knowledge, they can independently carry on research and curate university-style reports and essays with excellent skill sets beyond what books teach them.

Finally, because of the international mindedness at school, they easily connect with different cultures and backgrounds, adapt to diverse environments, and outshine non-IBDP graduates. 


There is a plethora of impacts on a student an IBDP School in Singapore can offer. However, it is recognized worldwide for its high academic standards and unique ability to hone students holistically as balanced citizens and individuals, an exceptional quality not provided by a traditional syllabus. 

You can seriously consider enrolling your child in such an outstanding school to revolutionize your child to shine in the modern world!

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