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Impound car insurance tips for drivers- Release my vehicle

What is impound car insurance?

In the unfortunate situation that your car gets impounded, you should act quickly to get it released. Maybe the most important thing you should do is ensure the car is insured as the police and other authorities will refuse to release it unless it is insured to drive on UK roads.

Once a car is impounded, you have to show proof that the car has a minimum of 30 days of insurance before it is released that is why temporary car insurance policies are perfect if you have an impounded car.

Most of the well-known car insurance companies don’t provide special impounded car insurance policies, so you will likely need to go with an insurance provider that provides temporary car insurance. These companies generally provide quick cover online and mail your policy certificate to you quickly, so you can release your impounded car quickly.

Most standard car insurance policies do not cover impounded cars. To release your vehicle, it is necessary that your insurance policy meets the following criteria.

  • The insurance policy should be covered for at least 30 days
  • The policy should specify that it covers impounded cars.

Under the Road Traffic Act, the police and other authorities can impound your car. It suggests the police had reasonable grounds to consider that the driver was not insured or was driving against the rules. If the car has been impounded for this main reason, the driver will receive an impound notice.

How the driver can reclaim impounded cars?

The driver is legally required to visit the police pound within 7 working days of the date on the impound notice to reclaim the vehicle. To reclaim your impounded car, you should go to the right pound with the correct documents.

Tips for drivers on how they can reclaim the impounded cars

The drivers will need the following documents to reclaim the impounded cars

  • Proof of identity
  • ID card
  • Driving license
  • Passport

Valid driving license

UK driving license. If the driver has got an old paper license you will be required to bring your passport or any verifiable form of ID.

If the driver has already provided the license to the pound, they will be required to prove this together with another kind of verifiable ID.

Certificate of Insurance 

The driver will also need to generate a valid certificate of insurance that allows the release of the car impounded by the authorities before the car will be retrieved even if the driver doesn’t intend to drive it on the public road.

The pound will need:

  • Electronic copies of the driving certificate on the driver’s phone
  • Copies provided by email or fax, if they have come directly from the insurance provider

The drivers should ensure that they have declared all the important facts to the insurance provider including:

  • Correct registered owner details
  • Any driving convictions in the last few years
  • Any relevant disability or medical circumstances
  • Correct address
  • Date of birth
  • Profession

If the drivers took out the policy after the car was impounded, the drivers should also declare any relevant pending convictions.

Proof of ownership and a valid MOT certificate are also needed.

 You can contact Release my vehicle to get impound car insurance. Our insurance providers can arrange insurance quotes for drivers with driving convictions. So, do not waste any time and contact us right now to release an impounded car.

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