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7 Troubleshooting Solutions to Make iMessage Work on Mac

Of all the apple tools at hand, iMessage is mainly designed for teenagers, friends, and families. The features it offers make it a collaboration tool. It comes pre-installed on Apple devices, and you can use this app to send unlimited messages to iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. The iMessage app usually works just fine on Apple-supported devices. But sometimes users face problems on Mac regarding iMessage apps like iMessage not sending or receiving messages. There might be other minor issues, like images not loading correctly after iMessage idles too long on a sleeping Mac, or major issues, like iMessage refusing to work on the desktop altogether. There are various Troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the issue and get iMessage to work again on your Mac. Here are 7 Troubleshooting solutions

Check Your Internet Connection and Reboot Your Mac

Mac requires an active Internet connection to run iMessage successfully. So make sure you have an active wifi connection on your Mac. If wifi is weak, you can connect your Mac to your phone by using a mobile hotspot. After checking the wifi connection then, try restarting your Mac. Most Macbook users need to shut down their Macs properly. It is because they are addicted to the instant wake-up function. However, it would be best to reboot your Mac often to avoid issues.

Check whether iMessage is Enabled on Mac

Another thing to check is whether iMessage is enabled on Mac. You will have problems syncing the latest messages on Mac if your iMessage is disabled in iCloud. To enable iMessage, follow these steps

  • Open the messaging app on the Mac. After that, click on the messages at the top and click preferences.
  • Next, go to the iMessage tab. Beside this tab, you will see a checkmark ‘ enable message in iCloud. Click on it.
  • Now open the messaging app again, and you will see new messages arrive in the app. Similarly, you can try to reset your iMessage app and then turn it back on.

Sign out and Sign in from Your Apple ID

If restarting your Mac doesn’t work, you can log out from your Apple ID and sign in again. Doing so will help your iMessage app on the Mac to re-engage with iCloud. As sometimes, messages apps fail to validate Apple accounts on Mac.

  • Open the Message app on the Mac
  • On the top, click on the messages and then open preferences.
  • Now click the iMessage tab and sign out beside the Apple ID.
  • After that, sign in with the same Apple ID. It might be helpful in iMessage to fetch new messages.

Disable Focus Mode

If you have enabled focus mode on the Mac, you might not get the latest iMessage notifications on the Mac. In such a case, you can go to the notification center and check the latest messages or disable focus mode on your Mac from the control center menu.

Sync iMessage Manually

You can face problems getting the latest iMessages if the messages on your Mac need to be correctly synced to iCloud. You can manually sync iMessages by choosing the ‘sync now option.

For manually syncing messages

  • Open messages, then click preferences.
  • Now select the iMessage tab and click on the ‘sync now button.

Doing so will sync the latest messages from iCloud, and you can soon start using the app again.

Check that iMessage Works on iPhone

If you have an iPhone, iPad, and Mac, make sure that iMessage is also working on those devices. For example, if the iPad or iPhone is facing issues like waiting for an activation error, there may be issues with Apple iMessage servers being down.

Imessage is Up-To-Date

Check whether the iMessage app is updated to the latest version. If it is not updated, you might experience a problem with the app not working and adequately using the messaging app on Mac. Often the latest software provides fixes for various bugs and issues you might face. For this, you have to check the app store for the latest updates. Then update the messaging app to the latest version and see if it fixes the issue.

iMessage played a considerable role and attained the de facto choice in the US market. So when an iMessage is not working, it can lead to unproductive working hours. The above troubleshooting tricks might help resolve issues encountered using iMessage.

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