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Ideal Length of Social Media Posts: A Guide for Every Platform

Every website has a specific limit to the number of character people can spend to state their personal views or promote their professional services. Some experts use character counters to create high-quality content on the said character limit. However, not all are aware of the details and get stuck in the boundaries of the words.

Here is a simple guide on the ideal length of social media posts to help users create engaging posts with or without using a word counter:

The ideal Facebook post length

A study suggests that though Facebook allows loads of space to write a novel, shorter posts are usually more acknowledged. The study analyzed that among more than 800 million posts, the ones with less than 50 characters were more engaging. It got more shares, likes, and comments. This is because concise posts reach users more quickly and satisfy their interests. Moreover, as the posts get longer, the algorithm cuts the texts with an ellipsis – tap to See More. This additional step makes most of the users lose interest.

After examining more than 700000 paid posts on Facebook, a researcher found that clear and crisp copywriting content earned the most revenue through Facebook. As per the data, the ideal engaging length is:

  • Headline – 5 words.
  • Advertisement text – 19 words
  • Link description – 13 words

According to the video checklist given by Facebook, the ideal retention rate is less than one minute, or stories of less than 20 seconds in length work best to keep the viewer’s attention.

The ideal length of a Tweet

It often confuses Twitter users about the character limit for placing a comment or posting original content. Post-2017, it stands at 280 characters. However, research paper topics suggest that organic and promoted tweets of no more than characters have nearly 18%   higher engagement than longer tweets. Moreover, hashtags of no more than a word get the highest attention. For example, hostages of 6 characters or less are best.

Ideal LinkedIn post length

LinkedIn houses the professional profiles of more than eight hundred million professionals. Thus, with a 2000-character word limit, a user can present their thoughts to such a vast audience. But what is the ideal length of posts that readers feel more engaging?

Usually, LinkedIn places a see more button after 140 characters. Thus, midway through the assignment help service, the message gets cut at the140 character mark, so it is better to stick to 25 words.  

However, studies show something contrasting in the case of Linked articles. Here articles between 1900 and 2000 words catch the attention of most users, gaining the maximum number of comments, shares, and likes.

LinkedIn has an upper limit of 90 seconds in videos, but experts suggest keeping it to less than 30 seconds for maximum engagement.

 Keep these points in mind to make the statement reach everyone’s ear.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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