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Hurricane Checklist for Businesses and Employees

Few disasters have the potential to disrupt life in the way a hurricane does. wreaking havoc in its path. Many businesses are brought to a standstill and struggle to reopen or are unable to do. so due to a lack of a proper recovery plan. It’s important for businesses to know what a disaster scenario. could look like for both their own benefit and their employees’.

Help your business be prepared for what it will be faced with

Hurricanes are by nature disruptive and nothing can be done to prevent that.however, there are simple steps that can be taken to reduce excessive damage.

It goes without saying, good communication is an essential part of every functional business and thus. effective communication. with staff both during an emergency, after and prior will direct how events will transpire.

This exchange can be facilitated by mass notification systems enabling. you to share important information in a timely manner. The more you engage with your employees about the chain of events in the. case of a hurricane as well as, provide them with training, the more prepared your business will be as a whole.

Naturally, a person or team should be assigned with coordinating communication. between all parties as well as reaching out to emergency contacts such as the police, hospitals and more.

Don’t forget about customers & business Partners

Management will want to keep a list of all pertinent business. partners or clients to maintain communication lines open in the event of an emergency.

If needed, inform customers of any updates by putting up a “Notice” and via newsletter as well as social media lines.

Consider keeping precious material or inventory above ground to minimize. water damage as well as have protective wrapping for items concerned.

Advise staff to park away from trees. or landmarks susceptible of falling and company. Vehicles should be fueled and abiding by the same guidelines.

Regularly inspect or have your business inspected. Check your roofing structure, is it susceptible of flying off.? Do you have shutter windows to prevent flying debris? How can your facility be improved to better face a hurricane?

Make sure to have an inventory of all supplies and equipment.

Lastly, be properly equipped. Do you have a first aid kit.? Enough flashlights, batteries maybe even a backup generator?

You’ll want to store any sensitive data away from the workspace. If needed, work with your IT team to ensure backups of any sensitive information is stored in a secure location.

1.      Talk to your staff

2. Take Security Measures

3.   Back up essential data

All in all

The key to being prepared for weather ailments such as hurricanes. is to have a plan, flexible and adaptable to the situation at hand.

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