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Human Resource Planning, Definition, Process, Characteristics and its Importance

Human resource planning is a never-ending process of proper planning to attain perfect utilization of a company or firm’s most important valuable- excellent workers or an employee. HRP is an approach or procedure utilized by an organization to handle the proper skill and knowledge of employees while facing any shortage of employees or manpower. The profitability and productivity of any organization depend on the perfect strategy of human resource planning.

Human resource planning is the procedure of determining the correct number of employees for the right type of job, at a proper place and time, according to the requirements of the organizations to fulfill the future needs of the organizations for human resources. Human resources planning helps organize the right employee for the right job from every accessible source.

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Human resource planning process:

HRP process is divided into four steps, such as:

  • Recognizing the present contributions of the employee.
  • Find or recruit the employee in the future according to the organization’s requirements.
  • Maintain the balance of human resources according to the supply and demand of the organizations.
  • Making good plans for helping the organization or a company to achieve its goals.

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Benefits of human resource planning:

There are various benefits of human resource planning, such as:

  • Evaluate future employee needs.
  • Investment perspective.
  • International expansion strategies.
  • Reduce cost
  • Training employees
  • Improve employee utilization by selecting the correct person for the real job.
  • Corporate assets
  • Modify with the fast technological change.

Characteristics of human resource planning:

The strategy of human resource planning maybe changes from one firm/organization to another firm/ organization. There are various characteristics of human resource planning, such as:

  • Well-defined goals or objectives.
  • Find out the need for human resources.
  • Keeping and maintaining manpower records.
  • Standardize demand and supply or workforce depending on the need. If an order of the product/item increases, then force also increases. On the other hand, when the demand for the products or goods decreases, the workforce automatically decreases. 
  •  You are developing the perfect work environment for the employee to achieve the organization’s goals.
Human resource planning Challenges:

HRP faces many challenges, such as when an employee or worker in the organization gets promoted, is sick, and goes on holiday. Then it is the challenge of the human resource planning to ensure they have another employee or worker who fits that job without shortages in the worker pool. So, if an organization has a good employee, then the productivity and profitability of that organization will be increases and help the organization attain the first position in the market. For outstanding performance in the assignment task, students buy assignment from online assignment services at very reasonable prices and submit them without delay.

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