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How UX Helps you Rank on Search Engine

Google uses  200 factors to rank a website, including:


-User experience: How users feel while they’re on your website and how it is, affecting their decision-making process. [The feel of the website depends on how UX writers collective write the content]

– Reputation – Your company’s reputation in the search results and across the web.

Authority – How well-known your company is on the web.

Relevance – How related or useful you are to what people search for 

Backlinks- how many backlinks you have from other websites that think highly of you and what content they publish about your business.


And much more. In this competitive digital space, it is important to integrate as many factors as possible. In this blog, we will specifically discuss how integrating user experience in your digital marketing services can help you rank higher on search engines and how UX consulting firms can help you achieve this goal. 

  1. Search Sites prioritize User experience

Search engines are emphasizing user experience, which is beneficial to your company.  Users are more likely to click on an ad with a user-friendly interface, and when they do, you can display them your goods and services. It’s also simpler for consumers to locate your site if you make it simple to browse.

  1. Usability

The term “usability” refers to how simple and quick one may learn to use a manufactured product. Usability is the degree to which a product is utilized successfully, efficiently, and to the user’s pleasure in a given setting. Everything that a user sees or hears, as well as how data is organized for quick retrieval and how it is shown on displays and mobile devices, falls under this category.

  1. Site Speed

How quickly the user can accomplish their goals on your site is a key performance indicator. Is there a standard rate of progress? 41% of visitors abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load, so make sure your graphics and videos don’t make them wait too long. How does the tempo of your website affect visitors? How does it affect sales and page visits?

Improving a website’s load time is a proven strategy for improving its rank on search engines.

  1. Accessibility

Does your website include accessibility options for handicapped users, such as those who are deaf or hard of hearing, for example? Are those who use screen readers able to understand the content of the pages? On your website, are there any links that don’t work, which prevents people from accessing certain pages? Are the categories and the choices for navigation easy to grasp, and do they make sense? Are they compatible with the many sorts of devices that may access them?

  1. UX improves user engagement with your content.

Creating an engaging appearance for the website, and people will want to return again and again. When visitors are actively engaged with the material you provide, search engines are more likely to place that content higher on the results page. It is of the utmost importance to ensure that your content and goods can be used and enjoyed with relative ease.

In short, your consumers will be more likely to interact with your material if the user experience you provide for them is user-friendly and straightforward to utilize.

  1. Site layout and navigation

It may seem simple, but we still emphasize the need for a user-friendly interface. Far too many websites nowadays are failing to realize this point. Your site’s layout is like a road map; search engines utilize it to find their way around your site as much as your visitors do.

Keep in mind that not all site visitors will land on the homepage. This implies that no matter what page of your site a searcher (or search engine crawler) arrives on, they should be able to find what they’re looking for easily.

It’s not the place for flashy popups, huge lists of alternatives, hide-and-seek games, or dead ends where the visitor has no idea how to return to the homepage or another portion of your site.

  1. User experience

Make sure everything on the site is compatible with one another so that users don’t experience any frustration or annoyance.


In the end, every business owner and digital marketer wants to rank higher in the search engine and grow their business. To get there, you need to put the benefit of integrating User experience into your marketing strategy. We recommend you try it! A session with a UX consulting firm will create a high-quality user experience for your product. They will help you enhance the overall usability of websites and products with the right methodologies and tools.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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