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How using the internet to boost academic performance?

There is rising worry regarding the impact that children’s use of social networks and electronic devices may have on their social development as they spend more and more time engaging in these activities.

In this context, current studies aim to analyse the impact that Internet use may have on primary school kids and their academic performance.

Particularly for young people, the Internet has evolved into a necessary tool. Digital technology is not only an information tool for people who have grown up with it; it is also a significant innovation that has affected how they use their free time and engage in non-leisure activities.

These activities can also be take as a resource for History Essay Writing Service UK for future students who want to conduct research on any similar topic.

The Internet could be the Best Plagiarism Checker UK based as it has played a crucial role in the development of society; it gave rise to a new dimension for “digital natives” and allowed for the digitization of previously physical social and administrative structures by encouraging “virtual mobility” and enabling telework, telehealth, and e-learning.

Importance of the internet in our daily life

Given how important the Internet is to our daily lives, it makes sense to wonder whether using it from a young age can harm a person’s psycho-emotional educational and professional development. (Rodríguez, 2022)

This is especially true when we consider that late childhood and adolescence are crucial times in a person’s life because teenagers are expect to develop their educational and career goals as well as reflect on who they are and what they want to become.

One of the most significant and widely discussed technology developments in the educational field is artificial intelligence (AI), which has fundamentally changed how students and teachers conduct their learning and teaching sessions.

Students can not only take a great interest in the learning process but can also take advantage of the personalized experience to achieve their goals thanks to bots and smart sensors automating the learning process and offering the learning experience that no one could have ever envisioned. (PES, 2019)

Impact of the Internet on Student’s Life 

Users of the internet were divide into heavy and light users. He believes that the main reason students utilize the internet on campus is for academic purposes. 

It was discover that heavy internet users utilize it more for leisure than light users, who were categorize as students.

According to his study, the internet is seen to have a beneficial effect on academic grades the more it is used for academic purposes.

The usage of the internet has a beneficial effect on academic achievement, according to a number of authors.

They stated that pupils are less likely to fail their exams if they use the internet for instructional materials more frequently.

As a result, there are more negative effects of not having access to the internet than positive ones.

For the vast majority of people, internet use has become a daily necessity. However, due to the internet’s addictive qualities, anyone who uses it excessively runs the risk of becoming a victim of its drawbacks.

Impaired sleep patterns, social relationship breakups, job losses, poor mental and physical health, and subpar academic achievement are just a few of its detrimental repercussions. (Affirm, 2022)

The Difficulties Posed by Pupils’ Use of the Internet

The study demonstrates the difficulties pupils have when using the internet. Here are a few of the difficulties: issues with the technology and a bad internet connection.

Many students struggle to keep up with their virtual classmates because they lack the robust internet connection and high bandwidth that online courses demand:

Their poor monitors make it challenging for them to follow the Course Management System, which negatively affects their ability to learn.

Additionally, because the majority of them reside off-campus, it is challenging for them to keep up with the course’s technical requirements.

Some of them visit learning resource centers for technical support even if they don’t possess computers.

Adaptability Challenge The learning process is completely different for pupils when lecturing is deliver online instead of in a regular classroom with face-to-face interaction. Because of their intolerance to change

They are unable to adjust to the online learning environment quickly enough.

While taking notes and paying attention passively are standards in a typical classroom, participating in online discussions or building a website calls for immediate action.

It is challenging for students with “traditional” mind-sets to adjust to computer literacy.

Advantages of the internet in student’s life that can increase their learning

Experience Personalized Learning

Not all students learn at the same rate, not all students quickly assimilate new material, and not all students readily adopt new teaching techniques.

Artificial intelligence plays a significant role in helping businesses establish individualized learning experiences for these kinds of pupils.

Bots and effective software study students’ capacities for learning and adaptation before creating a system that best satisfies the learning criteria.

Some of the ways AI encourages individualized learning include the use of several adaptive learning programmers, learning through games and movies, and gradually upgrading the learning criteria from lower to higher ones.

Development of Skills

Many courses and subjects are challenging for teachers to teach and explain. These subjects, courses, and training may easily taught to students in an efficient manner with the use of bots and sensors.

AI has significantly aided institutions in their efforts to professionally train their students, whether it be educating medical students about surgical procedures or teaching students in the military forces to carry out their training exercises.

Career Guidance

On the internet, career guidance for students is simple to access. The lack of career guidance for students made it exceedingly difficult for the pupils to make the appropriate choices.

They had no life or career counselling available to them. Student progress and achievement are greatly impact by career guidance.

Sometimes, students make the wrong decision, which causes them to run into a lot of difficulties. However, owing to the internet, students can now quickly access professional career counselling.


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