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How to win at the Facebook Ads Game

Perhaps you tried to spend a few dollars on Facebook ads to increase your posts.(followers on facebook) However, you were likely disappointed by the lack of response. This could leave you feeling like you spent too much money.It can be difficult to figure out where to start or how much to spend if you haven’t taken Mari Smith’s Facebook ads webinars.click here

This post will discuss Facebook advertising’s who, what and whereabouts.

1 – How Facebook ads work

2 – Who should advertise on Facebook?

3 – Targeting Facebook Ads

4 – How to create a campaign that is successful

5 – The importance of images in Facebook ads

6 – How do you track your performance?

Your Page’s likers spend on average 2x more than your customers than those who don’t have a connection to you via Facebook. (Facebook ads fact)

How do Facebook Ads work?

When researching this post, it became clear that I did not know the difference between Facebook ads and a boosted posting.

Reload Media thanks for the explanation.

What is a boosted posting?

A boosted post on Facebook is the most basic form of advertising. A boosted post is an advertising budget that you allocate to a post on your business page.

 Take my husband’s page Evan Garber Arts, and you’ll see the Boost Post option in the lower right-hand corner.

  • Facebook Ads vs. Boost Post
  • Evan’s current audience could only see.05% of the post.
  • You can boost the post to increase the reach of your news feed.

When the goal is to increase audience engagement, such as comments and shares, boosted posts are most commonly used.

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads allow you to advertise more effectively on Facebook. You will need to create an account to be able to use them.

Advertisers have the most options with Facebook ads. The type of ad that you use will depend on your marketing goals.followers on facebook

These objectives include Conversion, Awareness, Consideration and Awareness.

1 – Awareness

  • Increase engagement by boosting your posts
  • Promote your page = Page likes
  • Reach out to people close to your business via Local Awareness
  • Increase brand awareness = Brand Awareness

2 – Consideration

  • Get people to visit your website with Website Clicks
  • Install your app = # App Installs
  • Event Responses: Increase attendance
  • Get video views = # Video Views
  • Get leads for your business. Lead generation

Are you interested in increasing your Facebook lead generation? Learn Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Lead Ads.

3 – Conversion

  • Increase website conversions = Website Conversions
  • App Engagement = Increase app engagement
  • Promote your offer to others = Offer Claims
  • Promoting a product catalogue = Product Catalog Sales

This is a simple picture from Facebook that explains how Facebook ads work.

Who should advertise on Facebook?

Take a moment and consider why advertising on Facebook might be worth it for your company.

Mari Smith often hears about these issues from Facebook Page owners.

  • Your fan growth has reached an all-time high.
  • It’s impossible to reach all the fans that you have.
  • It’s not clear if you can pay to boost your Page posts.
  • Your organic reach drops when you pay to boost posts.
  • You are afraid to waste money.

You have tried ads before, but didn’t get great results. (Read: solid ROI, return of investment).

It’s not clear what you should advertise.

Facebook’s advertising terminology is confusing.

When you are stuck , you don’t know where to turn

Next, think about what kind of business you are marketing to. Is your business a business-to-consumer (B2C), or a business-to business (B2B), company?

Take a look at Moz’s blog to see the pros and cons for advertising on Facebook.how to get followers on facebook free

The pros and cons of Facebook ads

  • Campaigns are simple to track
  • Traffic influx immediately
  • You have complete control over your budget and the maximum CPC

Instant Return on Investment (You can easily determine a cost per convert and calculate your profit)

You have more targeting options than just towns and regions.buy followers on facebook

Google AdWords is easier to set up

It is possible to reach people before they are aware of what they need. While capturing those who are aware in a subtle manner, it allows you to get in touch with them early in the buying process.

Images and videos can be used to attract the attention of your target market and help you sell your products or services.read more

Cons of Facebook Ads

  • It can lead to costly mistakes if it is not properly managed.
  • Depending on the target market, the vast majority of your potential audience may not be relevant. For example, we wouldn’t recommend Facebook Advertising to someone who only serves or supplies their products and/or services in one place.
  • You cannot target ads at specific times of the day or days of the week without a lifetime budget. Most of our clients ask for daily budgets.
  • Only for B2C market operators.

Your goal conversion rate could be reduced if you reach people too early in the purchasing cycle

How to target Facebook ads

Advertising on Facebook has the advantage of targeting highly engaged individuals. Facebook claims that targeting Facebook is 89% more accurate than the 38% average online reach for narrowly targeted campaigns.Get followers on facebook

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Ahsan Khan
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