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How To Utilize Google My Business Listing Benefits In Your Local SEO?

Google My Business Listing is a tool that assists in boosting the visibility of your business website and generating increased traffic. Google My Business listings provide information about your business to Google and your audience before they visit your website. This section needs to be well-optimized with consistent data for a favorable ranking from Google. If you are a business owner looking for a Professional Local SEO Company In India, you must regularly check the consistency of the information in your Google My Business listing. This is because Google Local Guides can change the data if it finds a different detail about your company elsewhere. Maintaining GMB and operating the Local SEO campaign can be a difficult challenge. You can take the assistance of Vxplore Technologies, a Professional Local SEO Company In Kolkata, India.

Vxplore Technologies is a dedicated local SEO expert team that has served clients with fruitful results; this is how they get the title of the Best Professional Local SEO Company In Kolkata.

Google My Business helps the business to:

  • Communicate with present and target customers and gather their feedback in the form of reviews
  • It allows for gathering customer photos and videos when the customer uploads them.
  • Analyze the insights regarding the visitor to the website
  • Display information about your business to everyone

Maintaining a Business Profile throughout the business tenure should be the aim of any Local SEO team. It is not a one-time task to optimize a GMB listing.

Here are the steps to claim and maintain a GMB listing:

  • Keep the information on GMB up-to-date.
  • Upload posts to your GMB Account as well
  • Gather as many reviews from customers as possible

Keep the information on GMB up-to-date:

There is a lot of information present in an up-to-date GMB listing. Maintaining consistency and accuracy in the details mentioned in GMB is crucial. If you have old information or wrong information regarding your business, it might misguide the customers looking for your business; it can be the reason for the significant inconvenience for your clients. Google also hates when the information is different on other platforms, which might result in a fall in the ranking.

Following are the basic details to be maintained well across other platforms and GMB:

  • Name of Business
  • Contact Details like Phone Number and Email
  • Address with accurate location
  • Business Category
  • Description of Business
  • Website URL

Upload posts to your GMB Account as well:

Similar to Social Media platforms, you can also upload content as posts on your GMB profile. These posts can be uploaded in various formats; text and image content is png, jpeg and gifs; one also has the option to upload buttons that command the audience, these are called Call-to-Action buttons. There’s a condition with Google posts, though, that there’s a maximum limit for how long the post will stay uploaded on the profile; this period is seven days. Sharing quick updates like new launches or upcoming events makes it convenient.

There are a few points that you can consider according to the experts at Vxplore Technologies:

  • Create content that resembles your target audience to leave a lasting effect on their conscience.
  • If you add a Call to Action Button, the content will show in short on the mobile screens; therefore, choose it wisely.
  • Analyze your post performance with the insights available.

Gather as many reviews from customers as possible:

The specialists at Vxplore Technologies emphasize the need for reviews on GMB and other platforms for a spike in Local SEO rankings. It is not necessary to have only positive reviews; many positive reviews raise suspicion among the audience. Don’t get disheartened, and avoid negative thoughts. Focus on solving the problems of the customers in the negative thoughts. Interaction with the clients on their reviews counts the most, as that urges the audience to leave feedback too. If you don’t get reviews, try requesting your customers to leave feedback.


If you need help with your GMB listing or your Local SEO Campaign, contact Vxplore Technologies, a Professional Local SEO Company In India.

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