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How to Use WPS Office to Scan and Save PDF Files

Did you know that WPS Office has a built-in PDF scanner? Yes, you can use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function to scan the text in the PDF file into editable text on your computer, which allows you to copy and paste the scanned texts into Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents more easily. In this tutorial, I will show you how to do it with WPS Office Standard on Windows.

Open your WPS Office

Whether you’re reading a book, a college textbook, or need some background for your research project, the WPS Office can be used for scanning purposes. When scanning, it is important to focus on the content of the page that you want scanned rather than the page itself. Simply scan the page from top left to bottom right. If your document has multiple pages (like an ebook) then scan each page one by one. You can also edit if you need to crop out any unnecessary text and images or highlight any key words or phrases with tags as well! Once finished with cropping and editing, just click save as PDF in order to download your file!

Take a screenshot

When you are reading and learning, you can open the WPS Office to take a picture and scan the entire page. It means that when you encounter some keywords and beautiful fragments, scan it! It would be generated to a PDF file, and you can conveniently review in the future.

It would be downloaded into your computer as a PDF file automatically. And even if you want to share it with friends or colleagues for review, just save it on your computer as well. You will have wonderful knowledge every day!

Save as PDF

When you have scanned a page, you can Download Wps Office on your device and wps pdf file scan. Click the Download button on the toolbar at the top of the application window. Select which files you want to download on your computer. A window will pop up listing all the PDF files scanned by scanning.

Generate your text from images

You can download the WPS app for mobile phones, and scan the entire page. You can also make an appointment with a fast camera mode or camera mode when you need to share or save one page. You can easily convert them into a PDF file by clicking on a button. It is very convenient for future review!

Import the pages from your hard drive

Downloading the free WPS Office software, will allow you to scan and save your books as PDF files. It’s so easy, because all you have to do is highlight a passage from the page, click Scan on the toolbar and turn on your phone camera. This way you can use the snapshot for later review. It may seem like a small thing but with such simple steps, it makes reading even more convenient.

1) Download The WPS Software

2) Click Scan On The Toolbar

3) Turn On Your Phone Camera

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