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How to use the Hoverboard?

Safety first
The hoverboard is really a lot of fun but to be able to use. It correctly you need to follow a whole series of small tricks. We consider hoverboard that it is quite easy to lose balance and fall off the platform. If the right procedures are not respect.

Parents should supervise all children using these devices
We avoid buying from unreference sellers or from websites that do not have precise. Information on the supplier and who to contact in case of disservices.
Let’s not forget that while many of us would like to one day fly around on a magic carpet. The hoverboard doesn’t sound very magical after all!

The most advanced Hoverboards have lights, which are essential for using them in poor visibility and in the evening hours. The position of illumination must remain anterior, right in front of us. So let’s check before driving it that the hoverboard is facing the correct side. Naturally all devices must be CE mark and cannot be use at night if they do not have lights.

Getting start with the Hoverboard
The instinct is to ride it tame it and thanks to the new understanding that is create become one with it and let yourself be carrier away.

The hoverboard works on the principle of the gyroscopic effect , i.e. to make it move forward. You just need to step on it and lean in the desired direction. In short just place your feet on the platform and you can steer the outboard simply by transferring your weight.

Let’s make sure our Hoverboard is charge turn it on and place it in front of us: it must be parall to our feet. The vehicle has no handles or other supports for the arms: one maintains balance without supports, exclusively with the back muscles and the strength of the legs.

Once we get on our board, let’s try to get use to it, let’s start turning slightly. It should come naturally. it’s almost as if the scooter “knows” what we want to do. To turn by “turning forward” the foot that is opposite to the direction of the turn: therefore, if we want to turn left, we must push the right foot forward.

Lean forward to go forward, left or right to turn, or slightly back to go slower

We remind you that the movement commands are given by the light pressure of the feet simultaneously or one at a time. Each foot, in fact, controls a wheel and must be tilt forward to start off and accelerate, backwards to brake and go in reverse.

Some hoverboard models have a “beginner” mode , which can help you balance until we gain the right confidence.

To attempt sharper turns, we may want to start “twisting back” the other foot as well, which is pushing down on the heel.

So let’s practice going up and down for a while, then over time everything will be easier.
The hoverboard runs on a built-in battery that needs to be charge in advance. Usually, the autonomy of this device is 2 hours and 30 minutes, or 25 km maximum. A complete recharge cycle takes about 2 hours. This cool down is need to go as far as possible.

However, the autonomy of a hoverboard depends on a few things: with each use the hoverboard heats up. So let’s remember to give it time to cool down before continuing to drive it otherwise it will overheat and be damage in the long run. If we’re use to long journeys monitor his temperature and walk around a bit to give him time to rest. The internal components will last much longer and we will almost never need to replace them if we make sure they stay fresh.

A few more tips
We are keep a fire extinguisher handy while recharging.
What are load our vehicle in an open and dry area away from combustibles.
We don’t charge the card immediately after use let it cool for an hour.
The battery and sensors are vital to its life, so we do everything to take care of them.
Never charge it when it’s already very hot from riding.
Just like any other tool that runs on lithium-ion batteries. It needs to be recharge regularly and that means not letting it run out completely . Best to leave it plug in for at least two hours on first use – it will make the board last longer.
It might be worth buying some extra batteries, so you’re always 100% ready.

The average weight of a hoverboard is between 10 and 15 kg. Let’s take this into account when purchasing. The light models are the most comfortable to be carrier on the shoulder. A function that is unfortunately Hoverboards Christmas Sale lost with large and heavier vehicles. In general the weight that a hoverboard can support does not exceed one quintal.

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