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How To Use Fixed Deposit(FD) Calculator

Use Fixed Deposit(FD) Calculator

When you invest in the form of a fixed deposit, the amount that you deposit is subject to the interest rate that applies to FDs at the time. This interest, which compounds over time, contributes to the growth of your savings and helps you get ahead. The process of manually calculating all of these particulars might be laborious and time-consuming.

Thanks to the FD  calculator, you can now easily calculate the interest on FD calculator. Previously, this would have required a lot of manual labour on your part since you needed to know your interest in the FD calculator. Investing money in a fixed deposit for a certain amount of time may earn you a certain amount of interest, which the calculation of FD interest can determine.

The amount due at maturity is computed with the use of an online fixed deposit calculator, with interest compounded on a yearly basis. You can compare the maturity amount and the calculation of FD interest rates given for various investment amounts by using an FD calculator.

How exactly would using an FD calculator benefit you?

The process of calculating the amount that will be due at the maturity of an FD may be difficult and time-consuming. One may figure it out without breaking a sweat by using an FD calculator that is available online.

• Determining when an FD will mature is a difficult process that involves several aspects. A calculator for fixed deposits eliminates the need for laborious manual calculations and instead provides you with precise results at the touch of a button.

• It enables you to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on these difficult computations.

• You are able to compare the maturity amounts and interest rates of various fixed deposits (FDs) provided by various financial institutions by using a fixed deposit return calculator. You can make a well-informed decision when you have access to all the relevant data.

How is the interest on a fixed deposit determined

You can calculate interest on fixed deposits calculator. Both simple interest and compound interest are often used to calculate a fixed deposit’s interest rate. Simple interest is the more straightforward of the two.

Simple Interest:

This interest rate has been set in advance for a certain amount of time. It is determined by multiplying the annual interest rate by the principal amount and the number of years the lender will hold the deposit.

To illustrate, if you place Rs. 2 lakh in savings account with an annual interest rate of 12% and leave it there for three years, the amount of interest you would get when the account matures according to a simple interest calculation will be as follows:

SI: P x R x T/100

SI: 2,00,000 x 12 x 3/100 = 72,000

The sum of Rs. 2.72 lakh will be available for withdrawal when the deposit term of three years has passed.

Compound Interest

This is the interest that is earned on both the principal amount and the interest amount. Both of these amounts contribute to the total interest earned. The formula for determining it involves multiplying the interest rate by the principal sum and then raising that result by the number of periods, measured in years, over which the interest is compounded.

A = P (1+r/n) ^ (n * t)

  • A = Maturity amount
  • P = Principal amount
  • r = rate of interest in decimals
  • n = number of compounding in a year
  • t = number of years

How to use the fixed deposit calculator?

Using the online FD maturity calculator is an easy procedure. Follow these steps:

1. Select the sort of client you want to cater to, either Senior Citizens or Customers who are younger than 60 years old.

2. Determine the amount of your investment and its term length.

3 Select your payment mode. Select “At Maturity” if you want to make a cumulative deposit. You may choose whether you want your non-cumulative payments to be made monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual.

Before you put any money into an investment, it is highly recommended that you make use of the Fixed Deposit calculator. It assists in planning your money effectively and helps you maximise the profits on your investments.

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