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How to Use an Online Notepad? Save & Lock Personal Notes

An online notepad is a web-based tool that can assist you in making notes online and keeping them safe on the device.

Although you can do this task in your system by using the built-in notepads, they are not really worth it.

The reason is that you don’t get all the features there that can make your content appealing.

Therefore, the best option here is to go for an online notepad. Here you can make your notes, save them on the device, protect the files and also share the content.

If you are getting so many benefits at a single platform, would you consider any other option?

How to Use Notepad Online?

Just like writing software, an online notepad is a web-based tool that you can use to make notes without installing any plugins in the device or getting a paid subscription.

You will get every feature online that can assist in keeping the notes and saving them in the device in multiple formats.

Also, there is no need to install the tool on your device for using it. You just have to go to your web browser and open the tool here.

The best element about the text editor online is that you can lock the files in the tool and protect them from any threat.

Let’s have a look at the working of this amazing tool and get an idea of how you can make notes with the help of an online notepad.

Working on Online Notepad

The working procedure of an online text editor is very simple. Here we are going to discuss the simple steps that you need to follow for making the notes online.

  • Go to the search engine and open the online notepad there.
  • Select the category in which style you want to make notes. Here you can get multiple options like plain text mode, rich text notes, or tasks list.
  • Now, start writing the content in the online notepad. While making the notes you can make multiple changes like text style, size, color, etc.
  • Once you are done with making the notes, click on the download button to save the file on your device.
  • Select the format of the file in which you want to keep the notes. You can save the document in different file formats such as PDF, txt, and Doc.
  • After that, hit the save button and the file will be saved on the device in a few seconds.

Why Online Notepad Is Considered a Safe Option?

The question that can arise in the mind of users is why will they go for an online notepad if they get any other option. 

So, the simple answer is that an online text editor is a safer and quicker option than other methods.

You can make your notes online without any installation process. Not only this, but you can also make the content secure by setting the password for the files.

Moreover, the tool can also be accessed on every device no matter which operating system and version you are using.

Top Features of Text Editor Online

Here are some top and amazing benefits that you can get with the help of an online text editor. Let’s have a look at its features.

·        No installation needed

The best element about an online text editor is that you can use it and create your notes without any installation process.

You just have to visit the tool on the search engine and start making the notes here. This feature helps you start working anytime anywhere. 

·        Download files in multiple formats

After you make your notes in this online tool, you can also download the final report on your device and keep it for later use.

This tool will help in downloading the content file in multiple file formats like PDF, txt, Doc, Docx, etc.

·        Supports multiple languages

This tool is not made for a particular region or user of a specific nation. In fact, everyone can get help from this online tool and make notes here.

People from all over the world can get help from an online notepad. The reason is that it supports multiple languages.

·        Helps control the length

You can also get control over the length of the content and cover it in limited words or characters with the help of an online notepad.

It shows the total words, characters, and lines in the content and makes it easy for you to cover the content within the required limit.

·        Google search option

Google search option offered by online text editor helps in searching the text and phrases from the search engine directly without going to another tab.

·        Lock the files

To make the files secure you can go for the lock option and set a password for the files. This will resist any other users to access your document and make it inaccessible for others without the pin code.

·        Edit your content

If you have already written content on your device and want to make changes to it, an online notepad can be a handy option for you.

Here you can edit the files by modifying the content like changing the text size, style, and color, or adding headings and subheadings in the content.


Making notes or editing them has become very easy with the help of an online notepad tool. Here you can get all the benefits that will assist you in writing the content.

The best element about this online tool is that you can get access to it on every platform regardless of its version.

Here we have discussed all the features of an online notepad. Also, we talked about the procedure and how you can make the notes here and make them secure.

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