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How to Use Advanced Search for Image Search?

You always need attractive content to complement the website or the company’s products. Using Google pic search, anyone can find engaging images. The purpose of an image is to help consumers understand the products your company is selling. Image search without guides or leads will not provide exceptionally well-built images.

Google search follows a few steps of instruction to rank any material on it. This ranking determines the use of the product or material by counting the number of clicks on the material. If the material has more clicks, the directory will inform Google that it is more relevant to this specific type of search. Google will study this information and increase its ranking in the SERPs.

Search Options of Google

Product or image search is done by simply inputting the keyword in the search engine. Rarely do people focus on using the in-depth search option. Hunting for images without any proper instruction will keep providing you with results that are useless to you. Many users do not even know about the advanced search option available on Google.

The advanced option provides multiple filters that make finding an image simple. Users can apply filters on the search to specify the type and form of image they need. Google will study the filters and provide images that meet your criteria. A few filters you can apply on image search are the following.

License Type

An image on Google does not mean it is free to use. Some people place restrictions on their images. The best thing for a person is to pay attention to the images to avoid getting into trouble. The filter option allows the user to find images with no restrictions to use safe images.

The filter gives a range of options like free-to-use images. These images are not restricted in any way; a user can download and edit the image in any way he likes. When looking for an image, use the option of “labeled for reuse” images. This will keep you away from the trouble of copywriting even if you use the image in business sectors to gain more traffic.

Word Choice

Depending on your wording, Google provides results broadly, or the images will be specific to the words. The better the keyword you use during the search, the more refined the results appear. Mere words can make a tremendous difference in the type of result you will obtain.

For example, a person searches for the word computer. The inquiry will present information and images about the most popular computers. This keyword will show the result within a broad field because there was no mention of any details.

To obtain precise results, try writing “typing on a computer.” The result of this search will show images that have people typing on a computer.

Image Ratios

The issue of finding the right image size is expected on the internet. Images are taken and edited on different devices. Each device has a different level of camera pixel. The pixel will work on most devices but might give errors on a few devices where a different pixel level is accepted. You can use the filter option to find images with dimensions that meet the requirement of your device.

Google advance search allows you to find images in different sizes, colors, frames, and angles. The filtering option of the search makes the process of finding the necessary image simple.


The filter option allows users to find images in different regions. Google search engine is used all around the world. People can specify the region to which the image should belong. Images of different regions have different languages on them. The filter can find images without text attached to the image. Or can give users the translation of the text separately.


If you want to find specific images on the internet, you should use a Google pic search. Precise instruction on the advanced filter will ensure the result has the best and most precise images. Using the filter, you can ensure the result is extremely safe from any copywriting issue.


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