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How to troubleshoot security apps not scanning errors?

The security app is one of the crucial programs for your device. This program is necessary to keep your device secure from threats. Security apps like antivirus detect malware and other threats and remove them from your device. Your antivirus must run correctly to secure the device. Malware can enter the device if the antivirus is not scanning. Your security program can get scanning errors due to various reasons. Find the issues and repair your antivirus.

Common reasons behind security apps not scanning error

  1. The scanning process meets a runtime error
  2. Junk is interrupting the antivirus scanning process
  3. The antivirus subscription is expired
  4. Your security app is running outdated
  5. Another app is interrupting your antivirus
  6. Registry files are not working
  7. Multiple security apps on your device
  8. Missing or corrupted program files

Troubleshooting security app not scanning error

Restart your antivirus

You can face scanning issues if the antivirus program met a runtime error. This error can occur due to several reasons and interrupt your processes. But you can easily fix the runtime errors. Close the antivirus dashboard and other running apps. Now reopen your antivirus and try to scan the device. If the antivirus is still not scanning then restart the device. 

Remove system junk

Antivirus often gets scanning errors due to system junk. Your device accumulates lots of junk and you should remove it regularly. System junk is not malicious but can make your device slow and can corrupt other processes. If your antivirus is not scanning the device then you should check for junk. Temp files often interrupt your processes. Run the %temp% function and go to the temporary files folder. Select all files and press the delete button. After clearing temp files you should check other folders and drives. If you can’t find junk manually then you should use a junk cleaner tool. 

Renew the subscription

Your security program will stop working if the subscription expires. This problem occurs only in paid security tools. If you have a premium antivirus then check for the subscription. Open the web browser and log in to the antivirus account. Go to subscription and check for the expiry date. If your antivirus is expired then renew it. After renewing the antivirus, it will start scanning the device. If your antivirus often shows problems then try another program. Cancel the subscription and request for Avast refund. You will get a refund if you cancel the subscription within one month of activation. After receiving the refund you can purchase a new security application for your device.

Update the antivirus

Always update your antivirus on time. If your security app is showing scanning errors then check for the updates. Applications often show errors if the setup is outdated. Go to the Apps folder and click on your antivirus. Select the Update button and wait until the update installs on the device. Run an update only when your internet connection is stable. Restart the device to apply new updates to your application. Now run a system scan and protect your device from malware.

Remove another security app 

Do not use multiple security programs on the device. You can run multiple apps but of different functions. Don’t use two antivirus or two firewalls on your device. The same types of apps require the same resources. When malware appears on the device, both programs will try to access it. This can cause confusion and your antivirus program will stop working. You should install only one antivirus to prevent these problems. Remove other antivirus programs from the device. Check for the expired setup also and uninstall them. Restart the device and now run a scan.

Fix registry files

You should check for registry files of your security program. The antivirus will show scanning problems if the registry files are missing or corrupted. You should inspect your registry files and fix them. Open the run bar and type Regedit. Run this utility tool and your registry editor will appear on the screen. Now check your antivirus-related files. You must create backup keys before editing these files. Copy the corrupted registry files and save them with the .reg extension. Now edit and fix the corrupted registry files and check for the error.

Remove malicious apps from the device

Your apps can also interrupt the antivirus scanning process. If the antivirus is showing an error, check for installed apps on your device. Run an update of all applications and then check for scanning errors. You can get scanning issues if you have installed a malicious app. Go to the computer and open the Apps folder. Check all the installed apps on your device. If you see any app that seems unreliable then uninstall it. Also, check for all free apps. People often install free apps like gaming or editing software. These free apps don’t cost anything but can breach your security. Many free apps carry malware that can corrupt your data and can interrupt processes. Remove malicious apps and then run your antivirus.

Repair system files

Certain applications show issues if the system files are not working. The system files can corrupt due to various reasons. But these files are difficult to repair manually. Repair these files only when you know the correct guidelines. Any error can cause other issues to the device. You can also ask any professional for help. Try to run a file repair tool on your device. Windows provide an inbuilt file repair tool. Run the sfc/scannow tool and it will repair your system files. Now restart the device and check for the antivirus error.

If your antivirus still shows the scanning error then you should try to reinstall it. Remove the corrupted antivirus program from the device and delete all the related files. Now reinstall the setup and now check for scanning issues.

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