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How to Take Your Linkedin Relationship to the Next Level?


You’ve got a great foundation for Premium LinkedIn likes.  You’ve established a solid basis for your brand with a professional photo, a clear summary, talents, and endorsements. Now that you’ve finished the groundwork for your LinkedIn profile, it’s time to start making it shine.

Whether you’re using LinkedIn to get a job, hire employees, or network, here are five ways to help your profile stand out.

Picture, Title, Location, and Summary

These items appear first and require additional attention to distinguish your profile. Choose a friendly professional photo, produce an attention-grabbing headline (which can include industry-specific keywords), disclose your location, and compose an intriguing synopsis.

It may also be helpful to record yourself pronouncing your name if it is not particularly common or you are aware that there are numerous possible pronunciations based on the spelling (a new feature introduced this year).

Course, Languages, and Publications

You can list courses, languages, publications, certificates, and team projects that demonstrate your acquired expertise. If you have been awarded a reward or honour, you can also include it under “accomplishments.”

Use keywords

It is essential to optimize your profile with relevant keywords if you want to get discovered by your target audience. After you’ve finished each part of your profile, like your headline, summary, and experience, look for places where you can add targeted keywords that fit your skills and field.

Participate with others.

To get the most out of these LinkedIn tips, you need to be an active member of the LinkedIn community.

Join groups, like and comment on posts, follow industry leaders, and participate in discussions to interact with other LinkedIn users. By doing more, you’ll get more people to visit your page and get more attention in the main home feed.

Distribute original content

If you have an opinion or knowledge regarding industry-related developments, LinkedIn is an excellent way to position yourself as a thought leader.

Regularly sharing your opinions on this platform is one of the best Premium LinkedIn likes tips that will not only help you become more active in the community but also increase your exposure on the site.

Upload files

Including a presentation, an article you’ve written, images, or other graphics is a fantastic way to distinguish your profile. These assets can not only help you show a company how valuable you are. But they can also boost your credibility in your field.

Get personal

When requesting to connect with a person you admire. A former colleague, or a potential employer, should go beyond the default message. Depending on who you’re writing to, your message should be different. But you should always try to be sincere, brief, and grateful.

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