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How To Style Your Hair Toppers In The Right Way

Bangs Hair Cut
Bangs Hair Cut

Do you have a hard time blending and styling your hair topper to make it look natural? Are you looking for hairstyles with human hair toppers to help you upgrade your blend game? Or perhaps you have no clue what hair toppers are? If you said yes to any of these questions and many more, you’ve come to the correct place.

A hair topper is one of the greatest ways to hide hair loss and increase hair volume. Hair toppers provide us with a variety of ways to spice up our everyday look without altering our hair. Hair toppers, rather than wigs, can give thin hair a more natural impression of fullness. As a result, a lot of celebrities use them as hair extensions. Even if you don’t have such issues with your hair, a hair topper will help you add length & increase hair volume & provide you with many hairstyles options.

We’ve answered all of your questions on this blog. We’ll start by explaining what hair toppers are and how to pick the best hair toppers. Then we’ll talk about how to put one on. Then come styling tips and the top 5 hairstyles you can simply achieve at home using the best hair toppers.

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1.   What Is A Hair Topper?

Hair toppers, aka “wiglets” or “hair wig,” are a smaller type of hair solution meant to conceal hair loss in specific parts of the scalp, as compared to a hair wig that covers the entire area. Whereas a wig covers the entire head, hair toppers only cover a specific region.

Hair toppers are lightweight, simple to use, and a great method to increase hair volume at the top of your head by just clipping into your hair. Hair toppers come in various styles, sizes, lengths, and densities. They can be composed of either heat-resistant synthetic fibers or real human hair.

2. Choosing The Best Hair Toppers

Step 1: Determine the area of coverage you need on your head. 

Step 2: Understanding your lifestyle and personal expectations can help you select the right fiber.

Step 3:  Pick the perfect color to complement your natural hair! We recommend that you use a color ring. Alternatively, you may go to the shop to find a better result.

If you’re pressed for time and don’t have much time to style and manage your hair, a synthetic topper is certainly the way to go. Human hair toppers will give you the most natural look while still having various styling options.

3. How To Wear Human Hair Toppers

Steps to get started:

  • Begin with a clear dividing line in your hair.
  • Unclip each of the human hair toppers clips.
  • Raise it over your head, holding the front high.
  • Hold the two side clips up and away from your head; so they don’t tangle with your hair.
  • Before applying the front or side clips, ensure that the topper is flat against the front of your head.
  • Scoop the rear and clip it in.
  • Create a hairstyle.

4. Pre-Styling Tips

  • Wash the hair topper using sulfate-free hair products, such as Indique Essentials Shampoo and Conditioner. Allow the hair topper to air dry or blow-dry in cool settings.
  • After the hair topper is about 80% dry, divide the hair and blow-dry it by passing it through the brush. 
  • This will assist in smoothing the hair and ensure that it is totally dry. When the hair topper is dry, you can style it with your preferred heat styling tool. 

5. Pro-Tip To Prevent Flat Top 

You may use this secret hack to prevent your best hair toppers from turning flat on top before your big day.

  • Use a ribbon or string to create a loop on your best hair toppers like the picture above. 
  • Hang the hair topper in the bathroom overnight.
  • It is one of the simplest hacks for increasing hair volume on your hair topper in order to create hair topper styles such as the “the-poof style” and several others.

1# Creating “The-Poof” Style

  • Tease your hair in the front and lay your human hair toppers behind it. The best hair toppers will increase hair volume for the hairstyle.
  • Gather both the bio and topper’s hair, twist it a little, and then push it back to form that poof. Then pin it! There is no need for practice. It’s that simple.

2# Dutch Braids With Human Hair Toppers

  • Take a tiny bit of hair and blend it with the topping hair at your hairline. Divide it into three sections and braid it in a three-part braid, connecting the sections beneath each other.
  • Grab a small amount of hair from the front, as well as the front half of the braid, and braid it. Next, tuck a little section of your topper’s hair beneath the braid.
  • Braid across the hairline, crossing each part only once while adding fresh hair until you reach your temple or ear. Finish the braid as normal, without adding any extra hair & secure it. 
  • You can either leave it alone or gently tug it to increase hair volume as desired.

3# Twisted Hairstyle With Human Hair Toppers

  • Take a tiny segment of both hairs and divide it in half. Twist the two portions of your hair around each other once in the opposite direction of your hairline.
  • Now add a short chunk of hair from your hairline to the front area of the twist. Twist it around the other piece of your hair, away from your hairline.
  • Continuing the twist, add a small portion of hair to the new front part. Twist that portion away from your face. Repeat this procedure until you reach your hairline or ear. 
  • Hold the twist in place with a pin. And it’s done! So simple. You may leave it alone or gently tug it to increase hair volume if necessary.

4# Braided Low Ponytail

  • Make a low ponytail after attaching the human hair toppers that match your hair. 
  • Split it into two halves. Make a braid using a strand of hair from each side.
  • Loop under the first piece, then under the second, then over the third.
  • Keep looping until you’ve reached the end. Secure with an elastic band.

5# Bun With Human Hair Toppers

  • As you will be wearing hair toppers, leave two back clips open. Then pull all of the hair back into a ponytail.
  • Make a bun with your hair by twisting it around.
  • Use an elastic to keep the bun in place.
  • Pull some hair on top and secure the human hair toppers clips.


Hair toppers are a terrific and fun way to perk up your regular look. They are simple to put on and take care of, and they may be worn in various ways for a variety of events. You may create anything from a bun to braids with a hair topper. 

The topper from Diva Divine effectively covers the needed area and is simple to apply. They are made entirely of human hair and are well worth every cent. You may select from a variety of hair toppers, such as an invisible parting topper and a lady top head patch. If you have any additional questions about them or are interested in purchasing one of the toppers, you may do so by visiting Diva Divines’ website here.

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